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  • Technical features
  • Product code: 3300734
  • Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive

  • Class A heating energy efficiency
  • DHW energy efficiency profile XL Class A
  • Heating/DHW operation characteristics:
  • For heating and domestic hot water production
  • Forced draft sealed chamber
  • Nominal heat input in heating max/min kW 23.5/4.5
  • Max/min heating thermal power (80°C-60°C) kW 24.5/4.8
  • Efficiency at nominal heat input (60/80°C) % 98.2
  • Efficiency at nominal heat input (30/50°C) % 104.3
  • Efficiency at 30% at 30°C % 106.5
  • Performance stars (dir. 92/42/EEC) ★★★★
  • Min/max heating temperature (high temperature range) °C 35/82
  • Min/max heating temperature (low temperature range)°C 20/45
  • Min operating temperature* °C -15
  • Specific flow rate in DHW (10 min. with ∆T=30°C) litres/min 10.3
  • Quantity of hot water ∆T=25°C litres/min 13.9
  • Quantity of hot water ∆T=35°C litres/min 9.9
  • Comfort performance stars (EN13203) ★★★
  • Power supply voltage/frequency V/Hz 230 / 50
  • Total electrical power absorbed W 85
  • Degrees of protection for the electrical system IP X5D
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 1140/590/240 mm
  • Extremely small dimensions to adapt to any space problem.
  • METHANE fueled


  • Sensys system manager with integrated time programming
  • General characteristics
  • Ariston condensing boilers

1 condensing boiler = -737kg CO2/year 1 condensing boiler = 60 more trees

Along with heat, a traditional boiler also produces water in the form of steam, usually evacuated through the exhaust fumes. Normal boilers, by not treating these fumes before releasing them into the environment, therefore have a thermal efficiency based exclusively on the lower calorific value. The water vapor is not recovered in any way, thus dispersing part of the energy produced during combustion. Condensation is the physical process that, inside the boiler, transforms water from vapor to liquid again. CLAS PREMIUM EVO, exploits the phenomenon of condensation in its favor by reusing the energy of the exhaust fumes and increases the useful calorific value, thus reaching a thermal efficiency of over 107%. Furthermore, during this process, most of the harmful combustion products for the environment and health, they are eliminated together with the condensation water.

Constant convenience

The new products, using condensation technology, eliminate waste with great energy and economic savings. Thanks to the savings on the bill, it takes less than three years to amortize the higher cost of a condensing boiler. Then the lower consumption translates into a real profit. Imagine what a bill lowered by up to 35% every year, for many years, means for your economies...

Zero waste only advantages

Today Ariston combines energy savings with fiscal savings, offering a great opportunity to those who have chosen to replace the old boiler with a condensing one. The Finance Law provides, in fact, specific tax incentives in favor of taxpayers .

EVO : energy saving becomes reality, for everyone's well-being

EGIS Premium Evo IN

Egis Premium Evo In is the wall-mounted condensing boiler specifically designed for built-in installation. Small dimensions and low weight, its installation is extremely simple. This without giving up the safety that distinguishes Ariston, i.e. exceptional resistance to cold (down to -15°C) and electrical protection from water and dust that reaches the highest levels (IPX5D classification).


  • Built-in wall-mounted condensing boiler with auto function and info top
  • Sensys system manager with integrated time programming
  • Continuously modulating high efficiency circulator
  • prepared for integration into system configuration through the new Bridgenet® Bus communication protocol
  • modulation ratio 1:4
  • Universal built-in unit in electrogalvanized sheet metal (to be ordered with separate code)
  • Provision for multi-zone and multi-temperature thermoregulation
  • Preparation for management of solar systems
  • Auto and comfort function
  • External probe integrated into the boiler
  • Anti-freeze, anti-limescale and anti-blocking protection for the circulator
  • Aluminum isothermal primary exchanger
  • Cold water inlet and heating return filters
  • 60mm split exhaust
  • Operation ONLY with METHANE gas

Comfort function:

  • The Comfort function speeds up the delivery of domestic hot water, reducing waiting times to just 5”. It is possible to customize this performance by choosing between two modes of use:
  • COMFORT PLUS (hot water immediately ready every time the tap is opened in just 5 seconds)
  • COMFORT (hot water ready for 30 minutes after the last withdrawal so as not to give up savings)

Car function:

  • It is possible to truly combine maximum comfort with reduced consumption, thanks to the intelligent management logic of the new boilers and the new technology that governs them. By activating the AUTO function, the Ariston boiler chooses the best operating mode based on the environmental conditions, the connected external devices and the required performance. It is impossible to compare this ability to interpret and respond to external stimuli with what has been achieved so far. AUTO fears no comparison

Acoustic Comfort

  • Acoustic comfort is further guaranteed by the introduction of the new silencer. For the Genus Premium Evo EXT thanks also to the high modulation ratio of 1:10, the continuously modulating pump and the presence of lateral sound-absorbing panels.

High efficiency circulator with continuous modulation:

  • It allows automatic adaptation of power based on the temperature of the system, guaranteeing the performance of the boiler and the reduction of electricity consumption.
  • Optimization of thermal efficiency.
  • Optimization of comfort with constant temperature.
  • Maximum silence.

High efficiency

  • Condensation technology allows for high energy efficiency to be achieved thanks to the increase in calorific value generated by the reuse of the energy of exhaust fumes, allowing for superior thermal efficiency. The future of the planet and your comfort are the main objective of Ariston's condensing technology

Product Warranty
All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: Ariston
  • metri quadri : 150
  • modello: CALD_466
  • potenza in kw: 25
  • potenza nominale: 25
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 150
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