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Technical specifications

ErP energy efficiency class (heating and DHW): A

Load profiles: XL

Nominal sanitary heat output kW 34ÿ

Nominal heating heat output kW 28.9

Nominal sanitary heating power kW 33

Energy efficiency(92/42/EEC)ÿ****

Efficiency 100% Pn (80-60øC): 97.8%

Efficiency 100% Pn (50-30øC): 105.8%

Vas expansion/pre-charge capacity l/bar 8/0.8

Domestic water temperature adjustmentøC 35-60ÿ

Domestic water production T 25øC l/min 18.9

Protection degrees: IPX5Dÿ

NOx class (EN 483) 5

Dimensions (hxwxd): 760 x 450 x 345ÿmmÿ; 39.5 kg


List features

Duo-Tec Max+

The new range of Duo-tec+ gas condensing boilers has been specifically designed in compliance with the requirements of the Ecodesign and Labeling Directives, to make it particularly suitable both for new buildings and for replacing an old generator. In fact, in addition to the already known advantages of condensing technology such as efficiency, energy savings and reduced polluting emissions, the new Duo-tec+ condensing boilers are characterized by:

Complete range of models: heating only, with instant DHW production, with integrated micro-accumulator, with integrated 40 liter accumulator. The range also includes the compact version (Compact+), the first Baxi condensing boiler measuring just 70 cm in height and 30 cm in depth.

Digital control panel with backlit LCD display

Ampicamp of 1:7 modulation - the reduction of on/off cycles translates into notable benefits in terms of energy savings and lower emissions

digital control panel

The Duo-tec+ range of boilers is equipped with a digital control panel with a backlit LCD display, simple to use thanks to dedicated and independent buttons to regulate the temperature of the domestic water and heating. The display allows you to view all the information and set the operating parameters for immediate modification.

Gas Adaptive Control

The innovative GAC (Gas Adaptive Control) automatic combustion control system guarantees a wide modulation range of up to 1:10: high efficiency and energy savings are ensured as the boiler is able to adapt the thermal power produced to the actual power dissipated by the building, avoiding excessive overheating/cooling of the building.

Total modulation pumpÿ

Can the circulation pump operate at maximum speed, at minimum speed in or automatic mode?: in the latter case, the speed (min./max) will be selected so that the heating flow/return T remains constant at 20øC thus guaranteeing a significant reduction of the pump's consumption and, given the lower mechanical stresses (compared to a pump that always works at maximum speed), also of maintenance costs


*** of sanitary comforts (EN 13203)

wide fields of fine modulation 1:7 greater efficiency and silence

GAC (gas adaptive control): automatic combustion control

mini accumulator integrated in the expansion tank (Baxi patent)

digital control panel with large backlit LCD display

high efficiency circulation pump with total modulation

Antifreeze function with IPX5D protection rating

To be placed on the EU market, a product must have the trademark, or comply with all the European Directives applicable to it.

The Ecodesign and Labeling Directives (ecompatible design and energy labelling) were created to help the EU achieve the objectives of the EU Plan 20-20-20, with particular attention to reducing CO2 emissions by 20%, increasing the energy efficiency of 20% and an increase in the use of renewable energy by 20%, all by 2020.

For this reason, all heat generators for space heating, appliances for the production of DHW and systems of several of these appliances combined in combination must comply with the requirements for eco-compatible design and be labelled, as required by the implementation regulations, in order to be placed on the market. market from producers.

From 26 September 2015, the directives will affect all products described above with a Pn 400 kW for eco-compatible design and with a Pn 70 kW for labelling, intended for the markets of all countries in the European Economic Area.

How it is placed on the market

The placing on the market is carried out by the manufacturer (by the importer from outside the EU) when the product remains available for the first time on the EU market. This happens when it passes ownership to a distributor (invoice).

ÿHow is it placed on the market

The placing on the market is carried out by the manufacturer (by the importer from outside the EU) when the product remains available for the first time on the EU market. This happens when it passes ownership to a distributor (invoice).

ÿWhat products can be sold

All products with CE markings placed on the market before 01/08 and 26/09 2015 are considered compliant and therefore salable until exhaustion. All products that will be placed on the market (sold) by the manufacturer/importer after these dates must comply with the new standards .

What is a product according to ErP (Ecodesign)

An appliance designed to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact. To fall within this directive the product must have Pnÿ 400 kW and as regards the hot water tanks a volumeÿ 2000 litres. Manufacturers are obliged to "place on the market" only products compliant with the ErP with these deadlines:

from 1 August 2015 only products equipped with a high efficiency pump

from 26 September 2015 only products that meet the minimum ErP efficiency requirements

Ecodesign defines the requirements that products must comply with in order to be placed on the market, based on:

Seasonal efficiency for heating and efficiency for DHW production based on the declared load profiles

Emissionsÿ(NOx values)ÿ

Maximum permissible noise level of the external units of hydronic heat pumps

What is a Combi product according to ErP

An appliance (single with boiler) for heating and DHW production, already equipped with labeling with energy class information relating to a DHW charging profile.

What is the energy label

The labeling directive (2010/30/EU) requires products to be labeled according to a decreasing energy scale ranging from A+++ to GE. An energy label is also provided for the installed system, depending on the components used (for example boiler, DHW tank and room temperature controls). The label was created for the final consumer, providing true and comparable data, to make informed choices and focus on highly efficient products.


All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: BAXI
  • metri quadri : 220
  • modello: CALD_284
  • potenza in kw: 33
  • potenza nominale: 33
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 220
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