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Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
  • Class A heating energy efficiency
  • DHW energy efficiency profile XL Class A
Heating/DHW operation characteristics:

  • Nominal heat input: 25 kW
  • Nominal heat output: 24.38 kW
  • Classification European Directive EEC 92/42: ****
  • Efficiency at nominal power: 99.7%
  • Efficiency at reduced load (30%): 109.4%
  • Total electrical power: 88 W
  • Quantity of hot water with Δt=25°C: 14.3 l/min
  • Dimensions (hxwxd) 890x553x275 mm; 44kg
  • Antifreeze up to -15°C as standard
  • Standard Built-in anti-freeze system (SAI)
  • METHANE fueled
  • Legend:
    HE (Hi Efficiency)
    C (heating + domestic water)
    S (Airtight chamber)
    I (electronic ignition, ionization control)
    AG (antifreeze (-15°C).

Meteo Green E (Hi Efficiency)

Beretta boilers offer reliability and excellent technology, such that they can be used in solar thermal systems and in systems with the most recent and innovative technologies.

Beretta presents Meteo Green and , the new range of outdoor and built-in condensing boilers designed to offer high energy efficiency.
The boiler is in fact equipped with a wide modulation range (1:10), range rated approval, low consumption circulator (class A)
with variable speeds and all the advantages of the Meteo range.


Condensing exchanger :

Designed to provide high performance in compliance with the most stringent European directives in terms of energy efficiency and low emissions.

The innovative condensing exchanger and the production process have allowed Beretta to file an application for a European Patent (Patent Pending). The exchanger is made of a single aluminum tube with no welding. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum allows for a
more uniform distribution of temperature so as not to create overheating points for the benefit of greater durability over time
of the exchanger. Furthermore, aluminum offers high resistance to corrosion. The single tube architecture (series circuit) allows to obtain a large section for the passage of water in the exchanger with the advantage of having low pressure drops and preventing both the deposit of limescale and impurities

The innovative aluminum condensing exchanger allows a good part of the heat of the fumes to be recovered, reducing losses in the chimney, and a good part of the latent heat of condensation of the water vapor present in the fumes, reaching a four-star energy efficiency value (according to European Directive EEC 92 /42). The exchanger is made of a single aluminum tube with no welding.

1:10 modulation

The range offers a wide modulation range to respond to real energy needs, while simultaneously offering high reduction
of consumption. Beretta creates this system through a totally pneumatic model and therefore safe and reliable. In fact, the electronics only act on the number of revolutions of the fan (flow rate of the incoming air) without intervening on the injection of the quantity of gas which is automatically aspirated. Beretta therefore introduces a new mixer with double distribution: a mechanical damper with a calibrated weight that opens or closes a part of the venturi section in order to divide the modulation range into two stages (smaller section with low air flow rates or larger section with high air flow rates). Beretta has also developed a specific air intake silencer to reduce any resonances generated by the new mixer.

Low consumption modulating circulator (Class A)

It reduces electricity consumption by up to 60%, also thanks to self-adaptation in proportion to the power supplied or operation at constant ΔT.

Thanks to the new technology adopted, the electric motor of the circulator offers an Energy Efficiency Index EEI<0.23, which means
electricity consumption significantly reduced and already aligned with energy saving requests. The new low consumption modulating circulator (class A) offers technologically advanced control and allows a high reduction in consumption thanks also to modulation in a wide range of flow rates.


Technological innovation combined with advanced electronics allow us to obtain the "Three stars" in healthcare comfort: the maximum envisaged by Pr EN 13203.

Intelligent Management

Meteo Green is equipped with an Easy Climate function (thermal regulation with external probe as standard) and a Remote Control Panel (REC07) with Easy Filling function (system loading activated by remote control), (csi model only).



  • 1:10 modulation
  • Low consumption modulating circulator (Class A): self-adaptation in proportion to the power supplied or constant DELTA T operation, (EEI<0.23)
  • RANGE RATED certification which allows you to adapt the heat output of the boiler to the actual needs of the system
  • 4 STAR performance according to European Directive EEC 92/42
  • Efficiency at 100% Pn > 93+2 log Pn according to DL 311/06
  • Low polluting emissions: class 5 according to UNI EN 483
  • Patented (Patent Pending) high flow aluminum condensing exchanger
  • 3 STAR sanitary comfort: the maximum foreseen by Pr EN 13203
  • Thermoregulation with external probe as standard
  • REC 07 remote control panel as standard
  • Antifreeze protection up to -15°C as standard (mod. AG)
  • IPX5D electrical protection degree
  • For gas transformation, contact the Assistance Centres
  • Authorized Beretta technique

Beretta is “ERP”. The concrete commitment towards an eco-sustainable future


The acronym ErP, an acronym for "Energy related Products" , identifies Directive 2009/125/EC aimed at reducing the energy consumption of products through eco-friendly design. Starting from 26 September 2015 , the date of its effective entry into force in the European Union, it will mark an epochal turning point for heating products and the production of domestic hot water. Furthermore, on that date other regulations issued at the same time for the energy labeling of products will also become effective, integrating the corresponding Directive 2010/30/EU.

The regulation provides that all products intended for heating and the production of domestic water with a nominal thermal power lower than or equal to 70 kW can only be placed on the market with an energy label that highlights the *efficiency class . Different energy efficiency labels have been provided based on the different types of appliance/technologies, but they all have the same graduated color scale which identifies the various efficiency levels at a glance. The purpose of the labels is to give the consumer the possibility of easily identifying the level of efficiency of a product and being able to carry out a homogeneous comparison between products that use different technologies. For products whose transformation efficiency is influenced by external conditions, such as heat pumps, the efficiency data is reported by climate band.

In addition to product labels, the European regulation provides for the creation of a system label if systems are created with different devices, components and related controls. This second type of labelling, thanks to the virtuous synergy between the different elements, will give the possibility of creating systems capable of reaching levels of efficiency even higher than those of the individual devices. Also starting from the same date, new seasonal efficiency limits will come into force for products intended for heating and combined heating. These, for products with a nominal thermal power equal to or less than 400kW, will prevent the placing on the market of less efficient products. The obligation to respect minimum heat dispersion limits will also be triggered for DHW tanks. For primary water tanks, these will be subject to compliance with an energy classification based on heat dispersion. For sanitary storage, up to 500 liters will be required to label, from 500 to 2000 liters will be required to comply with the energy classification. For heat pumps for heating and for mixed appliances, in addition to the seasonal efficiency limits, specific noise emission limits will be established for power sizes. Even water heaters, be they gas, heat pump or solar, in order to be placed on the market, in addition to energy labelling, will have to comply with a series of requirements in terms of efficiency.



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Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: BERETTA
  • metri quadri : 150
  • modello: CALD_299
  • potenza in kw: 25
  • potenza nominale: 25
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 150
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