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Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
  • Class A heating energy efficiency
  • DHW profile XL Class A energy efficiency
  • Seasonal heating efficiency % 94
Heating/DHW operation characteristics:

  • Nominal heating/DHW heat input: 25/30 kW
  • Nominal heating power: 24.48 kW
  • Efficiency at nominal power: 97.9%
  • Efficiency at reduced load (30%): 103.5%
  • Max electric heating power Watt 89
  • IP X5D electrical protection rating
  • Expansion tank capacity 8 litres
  • Quantity of hot water with Δt=25°C: 17 l/min
  • Minimum domestic water flow rate: 2 l/min
  • Dimensions (hxwxd) mm 780x400x365; 38kg
  • METHANE fueled
  • Legend:
    C (heating + domestic water)
    S (Airtight chamber)
    I (electronic ignition, ionization control

Mynute Green E - ErP

  • System energy class A+ (in combination with external probe and Rec 08 remote panel)
  • Heating energy class A
  • Sanitary energy class A
  • New condensing exchanger 1:5 modulation
  • Low consumption Flex circulator (EEI≤0.20)
  • Ducting with flue pipe Ø 50 mm
The new Mynute Green E range is designed following the ecodesign indications required by the European ErP Directive and is made up of two combined models and a heating-only model. The combined versions have a heat output of 20-25 kW and 25-30 kW, values ​​which refer respectively to heating and domestic hot water; similarly the heating only version has a heat output of 25-30 kW. The range offers as standard the new front access condensing exchanger with improved efficiency (94% seasonal efficiency), the low consumption modulating circulator, the predisposition for the clapet kit (optional) to be used for pressurized flues and the high pressure fan. prevalence to be able to pipe flues with Ø 60 or Ø 50 exhausts.

Mynute Green E: high energy efficiency, reduced gas consumption and low emissions.

The entry into force of the European ErP Directive (26.09.2015) provides that generators for the production of heating and domestic hot water are also classified through the appropriate energy label indicating the class. Mandatory labeling provides greater transparency on the characteristics of products which can be easily compared, helping the user to find those with greater efficiency. Consequently, even with boilers it will be easier to contribute to achieving the "20-20-20" objective set for the year 2020 which consists of: reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by 20%, increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. % the use of renewable energy and reduce energy consumption in EU countries by 20%.

The new Beretta condensing exchanger with front access

The Mynute Green E boiler is equipped with the new Beretta condensing exchanger with front access. An innovative guide system allows for drawer movement, making disassembly for cleaning required by current regulations much quicker. Continuous research has allowed Beretta to obtain an exchanger characterized by a considerable increase in performance: 94% average seasonal efficiency calculated according to the European ErP Directive. The exchanger is born from a single aluminum tube, without welding thanks to an innovative production process. The high thermal conductivity of aluminium, much higher than that of steel, allows for greater uniformity in temperature distribution. The single tube architecture (series circuit) allows for a high section for the passage of water with the advantage of reducing pressure drops and preventing the deposit of impurities while maintaining the exchanger's performance over time. With the new Beretta condensing exchanger, boiler performance improves up to an average seasonal efficiency of 94%.

Mynute Green E, the elegant

The new Mynute Green E is characterized by a particularly elegant aesthetic and is equipped with a simple and intuitive digital display which makes information on the status of the appliance immediately accessible. The modern ergonomic knobs allow you to conveniently select all the functions necessary for using and setting the boiler.

Flex modulating circulators: optimized performance, low consumption

Mynute Green E uses a low energy consumption modulating synchronous circulator, as required by the European ErP Directive. Thanks to this new technology, the electric motor of the circulator offers an Energy Efficiency Index of less than 0.20, which means significantly reduced electricity consumption. The new circulator works proportionally to the power supplied by the boiler, thus contributing to a further reduction in electricity consumption. If necessary on the heating system, it is possible to change the head without having to replace the standard circulator with a high head one, the name "Flex" derives from this feature.

Up to 49 meters of ducting

With Mynute Green E it is possible to conveniently pipe even the most "difficult" flues thanks to the approval for Ø 50mm flues. The main 50mm flue pipes are available in the Beretta price list, while the boiler manuals provide maximum length indications, which differ depending on the boiler power.


  • MYNUTE GREEN E + external probe + REC 08 remote control forms a class A+ system
  • Designed according to the ecodesign indications provided for by the European ErP Directive
  • Energy Class > heating (class A) > sanitary ware XL profile (class A)
  • Seasonal heating efficiency 94%
  • Low polluting emissions: class 5 (UNI EN 483)
  • New aluminum condensing exchanger with high flow rate and front access
  • Thermoregulation as standard (external probe optional)
  • ErP boilers with low consumption modulating circulator (EEI0.20) modifiable up to 7 m head
  • Hydraulic fittings cover (optional)
  • Possibility of intubating flues with the appropriate flue fitting ø 60 in PP and ø 50 in PP (ErP boilers only)
  • Template, hydraulic fittings, gas and sanitary taps supplied
  • For gas transformation, contact authorized Beretta Technical Assistance Centers



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Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: BERETTA
  • metri quadri : 220
  • modello: CALD_302
  • potenza in kw: 30
  • potenza nominale: 30
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 220
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