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Technical specifications

Model:ÿPARVA Recupera E 28S

Product code:ÿ10313.2027.3

Energy label specifications according to the European ErPÿ directive

Class B heating energy efficiency

Sanitary energy efficiency Class A

Pickup profiles: XL

Characteristics of heating/sanitary operations:

Heat output:ÿ29ÿkW

Rated useful power: 28.4 kW

Rated yield: ÿ98%

Minimum charge yield:ÿ95.8%

Energy efficiency stars: (dir 92/42/EEC) ****

Min/max heating temperature: 38/85ÿøC

Expansion tank capacity: 6 litres

Sanitary flow rate t =25øK l/min: 16.3 l/min

Electrical system protection degrees:ÿIPX4D

Extremely compact dimensions hxwxd: mmÿ803x400x350ÿ; 49kg

LPG powered

List features

ErP wall-mounted boilers with recuperator

Redevelop an old thermal system

Biasi has designed the boilersÿPARVA Recover NOx EÿandÿPARVA Recover Eÿfor the replacement of traditional boilers in old systems.

The PARVA Recupera boilers by Biasi are equipped with a flue recuperator in aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion which makes these boilers particularly solid.

The "recuperator" is made of aluminium, has a finned coil which determines a high exchange surface and is equipped with a device to ensure that the boiler discharges the condensate correctly. The recuperator is treated using a Teflon coating process to ensure maximum durability over time. The recuperator allows, thanks to the high exchange surface, to recover the thermal energy which would otherwise be dispersed externally through the hot fumes produced by combustion.

PARVA Retrieve E

PARVA Recupera E is the condensing boiler designed for traditional systems and easily adaptable to new floor systems using MULTIzone, a hot water heating distribution system. PARVA recovers from the traditional boiler in terms of settings but has significantly higher efficiency than traditional boilers at the same operating temperature. For condensing boilers, PARVA Recupera allows you to take advantage of the tax deduction according to current legislation.


High yields (compliant with yield directive 92/42 EEC and Legislative Decree 311/06ÿ

Primary lamellar copper exchanger with high double circulation exchange surface

Aluminum heat recuperator to exploit the heat of the fumes and transfer it to the water

Sanitary plate exchanger in stainless steel

High efficiency pump with low energy consumption

retractable control panel, with ergonomic knobs and backlit display

Electronic card for:ÿ

- Adjustment of the restart frequency

- Adjustable primary circuit thermal inertia disposal

- Circulator mode selection

- Anti-seize circulator

- Antifreeze safety

- Chimney sweep function

Integrated automatic by-pass

Immunity from radio interference

Magnetic sanitary flow statÿ

Absolute heating pressure switch

Degree of protection IPX4Dÿ

Possibility of integrating PARVA Recupera E with Biasi solar systems using the optional solar kit.

Fiscal detraction

For condensing boilers, PARVA Recupera E allows you to take advantage of the tax deduction according to current legislation.ÿÿ

Heat recuperatorÿ

The heat recuperator recovers the heat from the fumes before they are expelled and preheats the water directed to the primary exchanger. The recuperator, made of aluminium, has a finned coil which determines a high exchange surface and has a device to ensure that the boiler discharges the condensate correctly.ÿÿ


By connecting the external probe (optional) directly to the boiler you can access the climate control function. The boiler is equipped with a complete set of curves which can be accessed when programming. By simply turning a knob you choose the curve, PARVA Recovers and will automatically adapt its operation to external climatic conditions.ÿÿ

High circulation primary exchanger

It is the element that distinguishes the entire PARVA E Biasi range. It favors the flow of water into the heating system and, thanks to its reduced hydraulic resistance, adapts the boiler to the system and facilitates the transmission of heat to the heating elements.ÿ

Save ease of use

Parva Recupera preserves the simplicity of management, programming and regulation of the traditional boiler and imports the savings resulting from the recovery of heat from the fumes from the condensing boiler. The heat recuperator preheats the system water with the heat released by the fumes, heat which in traditional boilers is dispersed into the environment. This recovery of energy from the fumes, at operating temperatures typical of radiator systems, leads Parva Recupera to have higher efficiency than traditional boilers.

Low complexity high comfort

Despite their high technical content, Parva Recupera boilers are still very simple to use. The "control panel" has two knobs dedicated to regulating the temperature of the domestic hot water and the heating water, the button to reset the boiler from lockout status, the new display to view the boiler operating status and facilitate understanding by the user and the installer's adjustments .

Fault diagnostics allow immediate verification of correct functioning. The manometer allows you to check the pressure of the system while the temperature is shown on the display. Everything is hidden under a door which defines the sober and linear aesthetic of Parva Recupera.

Included in the supply

Boiler support bracket and paper template

Condensate collection siphon

Quick user instruction.ÿ

All ready for Energy Labeling

What it's about

From 26 September 2015 the European Commission directives regarding eco-design and energy labeling will apply.

These two directives aim to achieve savings in one of the most polluting and energy-intensive sectors: construction

For placing on the European market, the "eco-design" directive (ErP known as "Energy Related Products") imposes a minimum energy efficiency for heating devices and hot water production in domestic premises. The directive applies to:

generators with a capacity of less than 400 kW

water heaters with capacity less than 400 kW,

kettles with a capacity of less than 2000 litres

As in the household appliances sector, the energy labeling of products with a capacity of less than 70 kW will give consumers simple, recognizable information that allows comparisons on the performance and energy consumption of the product they wish to purchase.

The energy label will be included in all boilers, water heaters and kettles placed on the market starting from 26 September 2015.

It's about me too

YES, it concerns everyone: professionals and end users

The information indicated on the energy label will allow professionals to recommend the right product and individuals to benefit from the information available.

The user will be able to easily compare the performance of the products.

From 26 September 2015, the label will be present on the following products: boilers, electric water heaters, thermodynamic water heaters, solar water heaters, storage tanks, heat pumps, solar systems and control systems.

Supplier's responsibility

The company that supplies the product on the market is required to equip its equipment with the following documentation:

product energy label;ÿ

product technical data sheet;ÿ

system energy label in addition to the product one, both if it sells a system that includes the product in question, and if this, in the future, can be sold in combination with other additional devices;ÿ

technical data sheet of the system with the parts relating to the product and the system already filled in.

Responsibilities of resellers

First of all, it should be clarified that the reseller can be anyone who sells, rents, offers for rent/sale and displays an equipment/system to the public. Therefore, even professionals such as plumbers, installers, designers can fall into this category. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that:

all devices and/systems have their respective labels and ensure that they are clearly visible;ÿ

all devices and/systems are always accompanied by the mandatory technical data sheets;ÿ

every type of advertising, promotional and technical material in which energy data and price indications are shown contains an indication of the energy efficiency class.

The new ErP regulations


Appliances for space heating and hot water production must be equipped with the new energy label which will report the energy class and main performance data. The energy class must also be cited in the technical, commercial and advertising documentation of the appliances.


The new ErP regulations impose the minimum energy efficiency that space heating and hot water production appliances must achieve to obtain the CE mark and be marketed in Europe. These new limits will exclude obsolete technologies from the market, significantly raising the level of energy efficiency of products.


Depending on the type of appliance there are different labels. Those with efficiency classes A, A+ and A++ certify products with the highest performance. Furthermore, two different classifications are foreseen for domestic heating and for hot water production services, so mixed products must show both classifications. The labels contain, in addition to the energy class, other information, so that the end customer can make his choice as informed as possible.


In addition to the product label, a system label is also provided... in cases where a series of devices combined with each other is offered. This label must also be included in the technical and commercial documentation of the system. Whoever proposes such systems will have to calculate the performance using a predefined calculation algorithm to display the label in order to inform the end user in the best possible way.


All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: B
  • gas: LPG
  • marca: Biasi
  • metri quadri : 180
  • modello: PARVA RECUPERA E 28S GPL
  • potenza in kw: 28
  • potenza nominale: 28
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 180
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