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Technical features

Product code: 3310399
Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
Class A heating energy efficiency
Class A sanitary energy efficiency
Pickup profile: XL

Heating/DHW operation characteristics:

Maximum heating thermal power (DHW): 21.5 (25.4) kW
Nominal heat output in heating max/min (Hi) Q: 22/5.5kW
Efficiency at nominal heat input: 97.8%
Efficiency at 30% of nominal heat input: 109%
EN13203 sanitary comfort performance stars: ***
Energy performance stars: (dir 92/42/EEC) ****
Expansion tank capacity: 8 litres
Maximum water capacity of the system: 100/300 litres
Port. specific in healthcare. (10 min. with ΔT= 30°C): 12.2 l/min
Hot water flow rate at ∆T 25º C: 14.5 l/min
Extremely compact dimensions hxwxd: 745 x 400 x 307 mm; 32kg
LPG powered

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General characteristics


The ideal condensing range for replacement with the aim of improving efficiency. The energy savings of condensation technology and the best solutions for healthcare comfort, all concentrated in just 40 cm of intelligence. A complete range of accessories facilitates installation and use in advanced systems thanks also to the simplicity of integration with solar thermal systems.

Sanitary comfort

Stainless steel sanitary exchanger.
Domestic water performance ***, maximum level foreseen by the EN 13203 standard.
Flow rate from 14.5 to 19.3 l/min with ΔT = 25ºC.
Controlled DHW production managed by two probes and a sanitary flow meter for better temperature stability based on the type of withdrawal.
Programmable comfort function.

Heating comfort

Efficiency of up to 109% with energy savings of up to 35%.
4 stars combustion efficiency in compliance with EN92/42 standard.
Modulation range from 20% to 100% of maximum power.
SRA function, automatic boiler regulation system based on heating requirements.
Reduced polluting emissions, NOx Class 5.
High efficiency circulator with continuous modulation to improve acoustic comfort and reduce energy consumption.
Differentiated climate thermoregulation of 2 circuits, depending on the room and/or external temperature.
Predisposition for integration into a heating system via the new Ebus 2 communication protocol (boilers, solar, system management modules and modulating thermoregulation accessories).
Backlit LCD display with display: history, self-diagnosis, operating temperatures.

Comfort of use and installation

Compatible with Expert Control: intuitive system manager for the management of 3 circuits, depending on the room and/or external temperature for greater comfort and greater energy savings.
New intuitive electrical connections.
Easier starting: automatic purge function and combustion regulation directly accessible.
Can be installed in partially covered places.

Energy saving and respect for the environment

Up to 25% energy savings in combination with Expert Control and the SRA function.
Up to 35% energy savings by combining Expert Control, the SRA function, the external probe and the radiant floor.
40% reduction in CO 2 emissions **.

All ready for Energy Labeling

What is it about?

From 26 September 2015 the European Commission directives regarding eco-design and energy labeling will apply.

These two directives aim to achieve savings in one of the most polluting and energy-intensive sectors: construction

For placing on the European market, the Eco-Design Directive ( ErP known as « Energy Related Products ») imposes a minimum energy efficiency for heating and hot water production devices in domestic premises. The directive applies to:

generators with a capacity of less than 400 kW
water heaters with a capacity of less than 400 kW,
kettles with a capacity of less than 2000 litres

As in the household appliances sector, the energy labeling of products with a capacity of less than 70 kW will give consumers simple, recognizable information that allows comparisons. on the performance and energy consumption of the product you wish to purchase.

The energy label will be included in all boilers, water heaters and kettles placed on the market from 26 September 2015.

Does it affect me too?

YES, it concerns everyone: professionals and end users

The information indicated on the energy label will allow professionals to recommend the right product and individuals to benefit from the information available.

The user will be able to easily compare the performance of the products.

From 26 September 2015 , the label will be present on the following products: boilers, electric water heaters, thermodynamic water heaters, solar water heaters, storage tanks, heat pumps, solar systems and control systems.

Supplier responsibility

The company that supplies the product on the market is required to equip its equipment or systems with the following documentation:

product energy label;
technical product sheet;
system energy label in addition to the product one, both in the case of selling a system that includes the product in question, and if this, in the future, can be sold combined with other additional devices;
technical data sheet of the system with the parts relating to the product or system already filled in.

Responsibilities of retailers

It should first of all be clarified that the reseller can be anyone who sells, rents, offers for rent/sale and displays an appliance and/or system to the public. Therefore, even professionals such as plumbers, installers or designers can fall into this category. Everyone is required to ensure that:

all devices and/or systems are equipped with their respective labels and ensure that they are clearly visible;
all devices and/or systems are always accompanied by the mandatory technical data sheets;
any type of advertising, promotional or technical material in which energy data or price indications are shown contains an indication of the energy efficiency class.

The new ErP regulations


Appliances for space heating and hot water production must be equipped with the new energy label which will report the energy class and main performance data. The energy class must also be cited in the technical, commercial and advertising documentation of the appliances.


The new ErP regulations impose the minimum energy efficiency that space heating and hot water production appliances must achieve to obtain the CE mark and be marketed in Europe. These new limits will exclude obsolete technologies from the market, significantly raising the level of energy efficiency of products.


Depending on the type of appliance, there are different labels. Those with efficiency classes A, A+ and A++ certify the products with the highest performance. Furthermore, two different classifications are envisaged for domestic heating and for the hot water production service, so much so that mixed products must show both classifications. The labels contain, in addition to the energy class, other information, so that the end customer can make his choice in the most informed way possible.


In addition to the product label, a system label is also provided if a series of combined equipment is offered. This label must also be included in the technical and commercial documentation of the system. Whoever proposes such systems will have to calculate the performance using a predefined calculation algorithm and display the label in order to inform the end user in the best possible way.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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