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Ferroli BLUEHELIX TECH RRT 34C Low NOx Methane/LPG Condensing Boiler Complete with fume exhaust kit

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ATTENTION Methane, LPG, Propane air Ready through a simple configuration the boiler is able to operate on methane, LPG and propane air without the use of additional conversion kits. For information, contact your local authorized assistance center in advance

Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive

  • Class A heating energy efficiency
  • DHW energy efficiency profile XL Class A

Heating/DHW operation characteristics:

  • Thermal input (PCI) Max Heating: 34.0 kW
  • Thermal input (PCI) Max DHW: 34.7 kW
  • Thermal power 80°C-60°C Max Heating: 30 kW
  • Thermal power 80°C-60°C Max DHW: 34.0 kW
  • Useful thermal efficiency 30%: 109.8%
  • Max heating operating pressure bar 3
  • Heating expansion tank capacity 10 litres
  • Protection degree (IEC 60529) IP X5D
  • Supply voltage V/Hz 230V / 50Hz
  • Electrical power absorbed W 88

5 years without worries

5 Year Warranty

Ferroli BLUEHELIX TECH RRT boiler Ecological wall-mounted condensing boilers with Ferroli Thermobalance™ combustion cell

The evolution continues...

The range of generators is equipped with the tested AISI 304 stainless steel exchanger. Designed and built according to the new ErP directives for eco-friendly design and labelling, BLUEHELIX TECH RRT is placed at the top of its category. BLUEHELIX TECH RRT achieves one of the highest space heating energy efficiency in the boiler category: ηs 94% . Furthermore, when combined with the external probe and the remote timer control, Romeo reaches system energy class A+

Extended warranty with the “5 YEARS WORRY-FREE” formula

The quality of Bluehelix TECH RRT is unquestionable, and Ferroli is ready to put it to the test by offering its customers extended warranty coverage which also ensures periodic maintenance and legal checks

TOP efficiency even on old systems

The exchanger of the THERMOBALANCE™ thermal unit by Bluehelix TECH RRT in comparison with the more classic and widespread steel exchanger used in the past also by the Ferroli Group exclusively on a small series of boilers produced for the English market, and then immediately abandoned in favor of the evolution towards the proprietary steel exchanger used in the Bluehelix models

This geometry allows the exchanger of the THERMOBALANCE thermal unit to operate almost at maximum design efficiency even in conditions of partial clogging, while for the same quantity of deposits and sediments, for example due to installation on old systems, the exchanger tends to clog up much more quickly in the part in contact with the flame due to the reduced fluid passage area, which creates a real barrier of deposits that hinder heat exchange and reduce efficiency below nominal values .

Pluses of the product

> Boiler with high thickness stainless steel primary exchanger, with increased passages (at the top of the category) to guarantee durability and reduced maintenance, maintains high efficiency even on old systems with oxidation and dirt

> It achieves one of the highest seasonal room heating efficiency in its category: ηs 94% and in combination with the modulating remote control and the optional external probe it reaches the highest efficiency class

> Class 6 NOx : already in line with the provisions of the ErP regulation, NOx emissions < 56mg/kWh.

> MC 2 : M ulti C ombustion C ontrol, new combustion system with patented industrial-derived gas-adaptive technology for better adaptability of use as conditions of the gas network vary, such as fluctuations or reduced pressures.

> MGR : M ethane Gpl Ready , through a simple configuration the boiler is able to operate on both methane and LPG without the use of additional conversion kits

> Exclusive exchanger-burner system with self-cooled door without insulators: simplifies maintenance and reduces costs thanks to fewer perishable parts.

> Instant production of domestic hot water with dedicated plate-based domestic hot water exchanger

> Hydraulic connections covered by the boiler shell

> Large multifunction backlit graphic display for easy and correct parameter setting

> By-pass as standard

> Particularly suitable for operation in flues that require "heavy" ducting thanks to the approval for operation with 50mm diameter smoke exhausts

> FPS : Fume Protection System . The flue clapet valve inserted as standard on the boiler allows easy connection to pressurized collective flue systems

> Designed to simplify and facilitate normal maintenance and cleaning operations

> Predisposition for solar systems : predisposed for the production of domestic hot water combined with solar panel systems

> ECO function in domestic hot water for greater savings in periods of low use of hot water

> 3-star certified comfort in sanitary production according to EN 13203

> Sliding temperature operation via optional external probe

> Low consumption modulating heating circulator

> Digital flame control with three re-ignition attempts in case of functioning block due to lack of flame detection, only for methane operation

> Place of installation : also outdoors in a partially protected place up to -5°C as standard and up to -15°C with the aid of the optional antifreeze heater kit

Innovative Ferroli THERMOBALANCE TM heating group in its 5 elements

Ferroli oriented the design of the Bluehelix TECH RRT combustion cell and exchanger in order to maximize its functional advantages and construction robustness, as well as ease of maintenance: the single-circuit design ensures that any air bubbles in the system do not remain trapped in the exchanger, and makes cleaning as easy as possible with chemical washing, unlike spiral exchangers with double parallel circuits in which if only one of the circuits becomes clogged, chemical washing is much more laborious.

  1. Single-circuit stainless steel exchanger with high passages , resistant to clogging and easy to clean
  2. Self-cooled burner door without insulating panel
  3. Exclusive special hemispherical stainless steel burner with long-life gasket
  4. Intelligent " Gas-adaptive " system derived from industrial boilers, which monitors and self-stabilizes combustion as gas + fume conditions vary
  5. Offset fan, to facilitate maintenance of the heating unit without dismantling. Integrated smoke anti-return valve for connection to CCS

The engine Combustion cell

The tube that constitutes the BLUEHELIX TECH RRT exchanger is made of AISI 304 stainless steel , a material that allows for the creation of an extremely smooth surface , therefore less susceptible to encrusting agents and deposits.

TOP silence The new design for comfort

The particularly careful design of BLUEHELIX TECH RRT has allowed it to achieve significant values ​​in terms of silence and acoustic comfort, so much so that it would almost be difficult to distinguish the background noise of a home from the noise produced by the boiler during full operation. Even the boiler on/off transients have been optimized according to acoustic comfort, so that the customer will no longer have to worry about understanding whether the boiler is on or off by its noise as on older generations of boilers. The project also took care of the design, creating a precious mantle in 3 removable pieces, which comes down to cover the pipe connections.

Remote control of the environment and climate

BLUEHELIX TECH RRT can be combined with a wide range of remote time controls that allow the adjustment and operation of the appliance remotely. The ROMEO series is made up of multiple models, with weekly or daily comfort programming and with the possibility of choosing for both between wired or wireless connection

By connecting to the external probe, BLUEHELIX TECH RRT is able to vary the system temperature according to the external temperature measured on the basis of configurable climatic curves, guaranteeing the user greater comfort as external climatic conditions vary. This functionality is internal to the boiler's electronic board and therefore does not require the presence of a remote control , making configuration operations simpler in the event of replacement.

ROMEO's modulating function allows the boiler power to be modulated as the set room temperature value is reached. This improves the quality of comfort by eliminating heat peaks with consequent energy savings

Boiler control Control panel and functions

The control and management electronics allow the user to customize the operation of the appliance in order to manage environmental comfort according to his needs . The key control panel and the simple LCD display make programming operations for the production of hot water, both for domestic hot water and for heating, extremely easy and intuitive. Thanks to the remote connection via bus this can also be done directly from the Romeo remote control. The board is protected by a fuse that is easily accessible thanks to the dedicated cover and the electrical connections benefit from a large, robust box, with easy-access connectors and numerous cable ties. The boiler is also designed to connect a second room thermostat on the dedicated terminals to manage multi-zone mixing systems

MC 2 Multi Combustion Control

The electronics control the flame ionization current in order to guarantee optimal combustion as the air density or gas quality varies. The relationship between the air/gas ratio and the flame ionization signal is used to control the air-gas ratio itself and therefore the combustion. MC 2 : Multi Combustion Control , the new combustion system with patented gas-adaptive technology improves the adaptability of use as the conditions of the gas network vary

Easy Maintenance Hassle-free maintenance

At the time of the first maintenance, the technician can realize the care with which every detail has been designed to facilitate his work. Thanks to maximum accessibility of the main components, the “Thermobalance”tm thermal unit allows maintenance to be carried out with maximum precision and speed.

Some examples:

- Internal accessibility is favored by the 3-piece casing with removable sides.

- The electrical box of the electronic board can be easily extracted from the chassis and attached to the side, leaving free access to the internal parts

- The fan offset from the burner and placed underneath, must not be dismantled to access the steel burner-exchanger group

- The burner door is totally self-cooled by air and therefore does not require an insulating panel, avoiding the risk of this being damaged or broken during disassembly for cleaning.

- The burner can be dismantled by loosening just 3 bolts, leaving free access to the stainless steel exchanger.

- The exchanger with extra-large passages is designed to challenge the hardest waters and is easily cleanable thanks to the non-collectorised single tube circuit.

- The domestic water inlet filter can be extracted extremely easily directly from inside without having to remove the boiler's hydraulic connections .

- Any disassembly and replacement of the plate exchanger occurs simply by removing two Allen bolts accessible from the front

Simplified replacement Smoke exhaust ø 50 mm

The new boiler can also be installed with 50mm diameter ducting outlets. Particularly important in the replacement market in the frequent case of collective flues that require "heavy" ducting where it is necessary to have a high smoke expulsion capacity even with small diameters.

FPS .: Fume Protection System . The flue flap valve allows easy connection to pressurized collective flue systems . For installers, the collective pressurized pipe solution is more economical

Comfort & Safety

The designers have thought of a series of functions capable of guaranteeing the quality of the domestic water, the best power delivery to the heating system combined with a longer life of the appliance

Stop and Go function

With the use of sanitary mixing taps, short or very short deliveries for quick rinses lead to the start of the boiler ignition procedure which usually ends immediately. The continuation of these " false starts " can, in the long run, compromise the average life of the product. For this reason, BLUEHELIX TECH RRT provides an electronic parameter through which it is possible to delay the ignition of the burner by activating it only in the event of actual domestic hot water withdrawals

Sun Easy function

BLUEHELIX TECH RRT was designed to be easily inserted into systems created with the latest technologies. The SUN EASY system uses electronics that simplify the combination with both natural and forced circulation solar panels . Using a sensor located on the domestic hot water circuit, it continuously controls the temperature of the water preheated by the solar panels, providing for the burner to be turned on only if the latter drops below the level necessary to guarantee optimal comfort for the user

Sanitary Eco-Comfort function

In ECO operation, the production of domestic hot water occurs according to traditional standards, allowing energy savings during periods of non-use. In COMFORT operation, thanks to the particular temperature maintenance system of the heat exchanger, the supply of domestic hot water becomes even quicker and more comfortable . Achieving maximum 3-star certified comfort. The efficiency and load profiles according to the ErP directive are at the top of the category

External installation and anti-freeze function

To make the most of the available spaces, the new BLUEHELIX TECH RRT 24C boiler can be installed recessed into the wall thanks to the special kit. For more critical installations, in completely uncovered places not protected from atmospheric agents, the "painted cabinet" kit is also available. In the event that the temperature in the boiler drops to 5°C, the burner automatically turns on and the circulator is activated in order to protect the appliance from damage caused by frost . This function is active with the boiler powered by the gas circuit and under electrical voltage

Product guarantee : All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane/LPG
  • marca: Ferroli
  • metri quadri : 250
  • modello: Bluehelix Tech RRT 34C
  • potenza in kw: 34
  • potenza nominale: 34
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 250
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