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FONDITAL DELFIS KC 28 LPG CONDENSING BOILER COMPLETE WITH SMOKE EXHAUST KIT - NEW ErP 2016: Wall-mounted premix condensing boiler with instantaneous production of domestic hot water, sealed chamber.

Technical specifications

Characteristics of heating/sanitary operations:

Forced draft sealed chamber

Nominal heat input: 26.4 kW

Nominal heat output: 27.9 kW

Maximum power efficiency: 96.4%

Load yield 30%: 105.4%

Classification according92/42/EEC: ****

NOx class (EN 297/EN 483); 5

DHW production t 30øC: 15.0 l/min

Min-max sanitary pressure: 0.5 - 6ÿbar

Maximum domestic hot water/heating temperature: 62/83øC

Expansion tank capacity: 9 litres

Nominal heating power consumption Metanm3/h 2.79

Sanitary consumption nominal power Metanm3/h 3.22

Total electrical power absorbed: 84 W

Degree of protection of the quadelectric:ÿIPX4D

Dimensions (hxwxd)ÿ700x400x250ÿmmÿ; 33.5kg

LPG powered

Warranty: 2 years

Heating energy efficiency Class Aÿÿ

Energy efficiency sanitarywareprofilXL Class A

List features


Wall-mounted condensing pre-mix boiler with sealed chamber, with instantaneous production of domestic hot water

The boiler, unlike storage ones, allows instant production of domestic hot water and uses condensation technology which allows for a reduction in consumption and also low emissions of pollutants.


Ultra compact

Modulation ratio 1:9

User interface with LCD

Regulation of room temperature from boiler with external probe

Additional relay for the management of 2 heating zones

9 liter expansion tank

Boiler change kit


Exchanger in thermopolymers and stainless steel

Total premix burner

Modulating gas valve with ratio/constant gas

Variable speed combustion fan

Yield classification according to 92/42/EEC:

NOx emission class (EN 297): 5

3-speed circulator with built-in deaerator

Availability of the boiler change kit as accessories

1:9 modulation wide range

Electronic ignition, ionization flame detection

NTC temperature probes on the sanitary fixtures on the heating

LCD interface with diagnostics

Sanitary plate exchanger in stainless steel

Motorized diverter valve


Connection preparation:ÿ

External probe

2 room probes

ComandRemotOpen Therm

Zone heating management card for high and low temperatures


Concrete help for our planet. The application of Ecodesign and Ecolabeling regulations

The European Union, as a consequence of the values ​​expressed by the Kyoto Protocol, has set itself an ambitious objective, known as the "Planeurope20, 20, 20 climate-energy objective".

By 2020 the aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, as well as energy consumption and ensure that 20% of Europe's total energy needs come from renewable energy sources.

The energy consumed by buildings is estimated to be approximately 40% of total energy consumption. Of which 80% is used for heating and domestic hot water:


Lighting and appliances 15%

Hot water 14%

Cooking 4%

All heating-only combined boilers must be equipped with High Efficiency circulators.

Heating appliances without high-efficiency circulation pumps may no longer be placed on the market from 1 August 2015.

From 1 August 2015, high efficiency circulation pumps will still be able to be placed on the market.

Starting from 26 September 2015, all heat generators for space heating, appliances for the production of DHW and systems consisting of more than one of these appliances, with a Pn 400 kW for eco-compatible design and with a Pn 70 kW for In order to be placed on the market, labeling must comply with the regulations issued by the European Union, indicated with the term ErP - Energy Related Products.

The introduction of the "Ecodesign Directive" of 26 September 2015 also entails the ban on the placing on the market of almost all traditional atmospheric boilers

The ErPÿlabel for space heating appliances highlights the respective energy class on a scale fromÿA ++ÿtoGÿ(for heat pumps up to D, while for accumulators from A to G). Starting from August 2019, a further restriction of the class will be applied, i.e. A +++ to D, for accumulators from A + to G, while for heat pumps (low temperature) the label must contain information on the climate zone.

Fondital accompanies all products subject to this standard with a label and a technical data sheet that distributors, retailers and specialized installers must use to define the products. Official labeling can only take place from 26 September 2015.


The product energy label contains information on the efficiency characteristics:

I. brand name of the supplier

II. model identifier

III. reference space heating and domestic hot water functions

IV. efficiency class

V. nominal heat output of the appliance

YOU. sound power level in dB (only heat pumps)

VII. possible operation during off hours (only heat pumps)

The label is made available by Fondital and it is the distributors' responsibility to make it clearly visible on each appliance at the point of sale (exclusively after 26 September 2015).


All combinations of appliances that will be installed, called systems, must also be subject to energy classification through the system label.

For example, a condensing boiler and a solar panel connected to a boiler are considered a system subject to EcLabelling. The same system, composed of the previous components, accompanied by the addition of a regulation device such as a chronothermostat, must be added to the system as it can improve the energy classification to be declared on the label.

The calculation of the energy efficiency of the system must be provided by completing a data sheet prescribed by the EC regulations and called fiche.

The energy classification of a system can be defined both by the manufacturer of the various components (e.g. pacchettcompletSulpack Easy) and by a reseller installer who creates a system with components supplied by different manufacturers.

In the latter case, the reseller installer will have to rely on the generator label and the information reported in the technical data sheets provided by the manufacturers of the individual generators and components to calculate the energy class of the system.


All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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