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RINNAI AMAMI 29 LPG CONDENSING BOILER COMPLETE WITH FLUE KIT: Combined pre-mixed condensing gas boilers.

Technical specifications

Model: Love me 29

Code: A244C L

Nominal heating heat input: 22.5 kW

Nominal DHW heat input: 28.9 kW

Energy efficiency marking 92/42 EEC:ÿ ****

Efficiency at full loadÿ(80ø/60ø):ÿ98%

Yield at partial loadÿ30%: 109.9%

Sealed chamber, forced draft

Rated power modulation:ÿ(Tm/Tr=80/60øC) Heating kWÿ4.4 -22.1

Rated power modulation:ÿ(Tm/Tr=36/30øC) Heating kW 4.9 - 24

Pollution class marking:ÿNox EN 483 5

G20 gas consumption at 1,013 mbar and 15øC:ÿ(Domestic) mü/h 2.38 (3.06)

Maximum electrical power absorbed: 121 Wÿ

Electrical power absorbed at partial load: 86 W

Heating/DHW water content: 3.3/0.7 lt

Expansion tank contents: 8 lt

DHW delivery (T=38øC): 10.5 l/min

DHW delivery (T=25øC): 16.1 l/min

Maximum operating temperature: 85øC

Dimensions (hxwxd) 650 x 500 x 395 mm; 37Kg

Electrical protection degrees:ÿIPX4D

Power supply: LPG

List features

CONDENSATION is an environmentally friendly and energy saving technology. Condensing boilers are clean and efficient: even the water vapor contained in the combustion products is used to generate heat. Making the most of the condensation, the energy to produce the lowest desired heat, to the advantage of energy savings. Condensing boilers, in fact, reduce final consumption by 30% and final polluting emissions (NOx and CO2) by 70%, respecting 'traditional' ones.


Amami Oshima, a tropical Japanese island: the new Rinnai collection of condensing boilers is inspired by her.

Love me because I am perfect. Heat your home and, while doing so, respect the environment with the lowest polluting emissions. And let us save you money, ensuring a constant return for my entire life. Love me because I am at the forefront of technology, designed to be truly capable of improving your daily comfort. Love me because I will surprise you with all the domestic hot water you need.

Instantaneous gas condensing thermal generator for heating and domestic hot water production, complete with electronic display with regulation and self-diagnosis function, combinable with a digital remote control.

LOVE ME: A heart in stainless steel. The heart of all Rinnai boilers, the heat exchanger, in stainless steel. This, combined with the inverted flame ceramic burner, guarantees the highest efficiency of all the boilers on the market (109.9% according to EN 677).

All Rinnai Amami shima devices have advanced electronics and the ability to modulate from very low powers such as to guarantee a constant operating curve, avoiding overheating and cooling of the rooms. The production of DHW, in all models, is abundant and immediate, to safeguard comfort and energy savings. The structure of Rinnai boilers is sound-absorbing, designed to minimize the sound impact on the house: measured in decibels, the noise produced by the boiler can be heard in a library.

Energy classification: 4 STARS /4

ACS Rating: 3 STARS /3


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