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Technical features

Internal Units

1) Model:

  • Catalog code: 2 x ALYS 25 UD0-I (3381251)
    - 25 = 2.5 kW (approximately 9,000 BTU/h)
    - U = internal multi
    - D0 = SCOP 4.0
  • Air flow: m3/h 530
  • Sound pressure level (silence/min/med/max) dB(A) 23/26/33/38
  • Liquid/gas pipe diameter: 1/4-3/8 inches
  • Dimensions LxHxD (mm): 800x285x194; 7.5kg

2) Model:

  • Catalog code: 3 x ALYS 35 UD0-I (3381199)
  • 35 = 3.5 kW (approximately 12,000 BTU/h)
  • U = internal multi
  • D0 = SCOP 4.0
  • Air flow: m3/h 530
  • Sound pressure level (silence/min/med/max) dB(A) 23/28/32/38
  • Liquid/gas pipe diameter: 1/4-3/8 inches
  • Dimensions LxHxD (mm): 800x275x188; 7kg

External Unit


  • Catalog code: PENTA 121 XD8C-O
  • Gases: R-32
  • PENTA =5 internal units
  • 121 = 12.0 kW (approximately 41,000 BTU/h)
  • X = Multi
  • D0 = SCOP 4.0
  • O = external unit

Energy efficiency:

  • SEER 3.23
  • SCOP (medium season) 3.71


  • Nominal Cooling Capacity (W):12040
  • Nominal heating capacity (W): 12162
  • Outdoor unit air flow: m3/h 5500
  • Nominal cooling power consumption (W): 3728
  • Nominal heating power absorbed (W): 3278
  • Maximum external unit sound pressure level dB(A)59.3


  • Power (V/Hz/?): 220~240/50/1
  • Maximum length of connections with standard charge m 3x5
  • Maximum connection length (total / each unit) m 5x15 / 25
  • Maximum difference in height between internal unit and external unit 10 m
  • External temperature range in cooling °C -15/50
  • External temperature range in heating °C -15/30


  • External Unit HxWxD (mm): 946x410x810; 70kg

Accessories supplied

  • Eco remote control
  • Anti-odor filter

General characteristics

Alys Plus R32

Ariston presents a range of air conditioners, renewed in aesthetics with particular attention to detail, with all the strength of cutting-edge technology that considerably increases the performance of the products.

PROtech is the logo that identifies the range of Ariston air conditioning systems dedicated to the channel and to professional users, with greater performance and functionality, and many more advantages in terms of comfort and energy saving.

Finally, a particular feature of these air conditioners is the ecological gas R32 , which works at pressures similar to R410 gas, but simplifies recharging operations and the tools used for installing the system are the same as those used for systems with R410A gas. (with the exception of checking the compatibility of the pressure gauge, leak detector and recuperator). It also complies with European regulations which will come into force in a few years.

  • 3D Inverter technology Modulation of the compressor frequency, internal fan speed and external fan speed, so as to always guarantee high performance and low energy consumption.
  • Follow Me function With the Follow Me function, more precise temperature control is possible. With the remote control, by sending a signal to the air conditioner, it is possible to perfectly adjust the desired temperature in the exact point of the room where the remote control is located.
  • Memory function This function allows you to set and memorize both the temperature and the fan speed (also the sleep function if activated) to guarantee greater comfort the next time you turn it on.
  • Low Ambient: the air conditioner guarantees perfect operation, in cooling mode, even at external temperatures of 15°C
  • 12-speed fan: this is the function that gives you the possibility to adjust the speed of your comfort, which thanks to the 3 ventilation modes (high/medium/low) is divided into as many 3 speeds which are added to the dehumidification, turbo and silence modes they even correspond to 12 speeds for the release of the air flow;
  • High Silence: Well-being in all its forms is at the center of the Ariston production philosophy. For this reason, technological features have been introduced in all products that guarantee high silence during operation.
  • 1W-Stand by: it is the useful function to avoid unnecessary consumption. The display is positioned behind the panel and is visible only when needed
  • Turbo function: it is the function that allows uniform comfort in the shortest possible time;
  • Anti-odour filter: Removes bad odors and volatile organic compounds.

  • Refrigerant Leak Sensor: Any refrigerant leaks are identified by indicating “EC” on the display (in the case of LED displays, the RUN and TIMER LEDs flash)

Comprehensive features

  • Blue Fin: Facilitates the drainage of condensation water from the indoor unit and accelerates defrosting of the outdoor unit, increasing energy efficiency
  • Optimized pipe section: The trapezoidal section of the new pipes allows the passage of more refrigerant, improving energy efficiency
  • Silence function: Sets an ultra-low indoor unit fan speed, making the environment extremely quiet.
  • Vertical Swing: Starts automatic swinging of the internal vertical flaps.
  • Airflow Comfort: In cooling mode the airflow is directed upwards while in heating it is conveyed vertically downwards for comfort.
  • Anti Cold Air: In heating mode the internal unit fan speed will be adjusted to ensure that no cold air escapes in the first moments of start-up.
  • Auto function : The temperature and fan speed are automatically set based on the detected room temperature.
  • Sleep function: Automatically adjusts the temperature to make the environment more comfortable during the night.
  • Timer: Turns the air conditioner on and/or off at the desired time
  • SelfClean: Automatically cleans and dries the evaporator, keeping it in optimal condition for subsequent operation.
  • Self-diagnosis: Any operating anomalies are monitored, automatically turning off the appliance in the event of malfunctions and indicating the error code on the internal unit display
  • AutoRestart: In the event of an electrical blackout, the air conditioner restarts with the last function set after the reset (mode, temperature, fan speed and flap position).
  • Anti-rust Treatment: Anti-rust treatment for external unit shells.

Compatible with the Ariston Clima R32 Wi Fi module (optional) : i.e. the module that allows you to connect the air conditioner to your Smartphone or Tablet, and manage your air conditioner even when you are not at home.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 120.0 kg
  • classe energetica raffreddamento: A++
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A+
  • gas: R-32
  • marca: Ariston
  • modello: CLIMAT_ALYSPLUS4
  • potenza btu: 9000+9000+12000+12000+12000
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 25/25/35/35/35
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