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DAITSU AIR Inverter Air Conditioner 9000 Btu ASD09KI-DT / DOS-09UIDN R-32 Wi-Fi Optional A++/A+

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DAITSU AIR Inverter Air Conditioner 9000 BTU R-32 Wi-Fi Optional A++/A+


  • Model: AIR R-32
  • Type: heat pump

Energy efficiency:

  • SEER 6.1
  • SCOP 4.0
  • Cooling energy class A++
  • Heating energy class A+


  • Cooling Capacity (kW): 2.5
  • Heating Capacity (kW): 2.8
  • Indoor unit sound pressure level H/M/L/Q dB(A) 40/37/35/28
  • Max external unit sound pressure level dB(A) 52
  • Indoor unit fan flow rate Max / Min m3/h: 550 / 300
  • External unit fan flow rate Max m3/h: 1,600

Electrical data:

  • Power (V/Hz/Φ): 230/50/1
  • Cooling/Heating Power Absorption (kW): 0.781/0.777


  • Refrigerant gas: R-32
  • Liquid / Gas pipe diameter 6.35 / 9.52 mm
  • External temperature range in cooling °C 15~43
  • External temperature range in heating °C -15~24

Dimensions and weight

  • Internal Unit WxHxD (mm): 773x250x185; 8.5 kg
  • External Unit WxHxD (mm): 782x540x320; 29kg


Inverter technology

Air conditioning is one of those things that makes your life more comfortable. The goal is simple: to maintain the perfect room temperature in your home at all times and without worries. The innovative Inverter technology of Daitsu air conditioners guarantees correct energy consumption and maintenance of the desired temperature at all times of the day. This translates into lower costs, greater comfort, and elimination of unnecessary noise. Furthermore, all this also prolongs the life of air conditioners.

Daitsu comes to meet you and the planet

One of the most important parts of an air conditioning system is the refrigerant gas that circulates inside it. If we want to truly deliver on our commitments to the planet and our customers, we need to work with the most innovative systems available. One of the clear answers to the demand for increasingly eco-friendly refrigerants is the introduction of the Daitsu AIR R32 range, which uses the new R32 refrigerant. With this we obtain multiple advantages:

Reduce energy consumption by

Daitsu Inverter air conditioners offer exceptional energy savings. The compressors of Daitsu equipment, after quickly reaching the desired temperature, operate at minimum power, significantly reducing energy consumption. Thanks to this efficient operation with a Daitsu Inverter system it is possible to achieve savings of up to 50% compared to traditional systems, as continuous interruptions and starts of the equipment are avoided.


Renewed range. Modern design Maximum versatility and with WIFI

The range of Daitsu air conditioners has been updated and expanded to continue to offer you the best air conditioning solution for your home or business, with the best value for money, energy efficiency and functions you really need. Daitsu now offers air conditioners with WiFi and high-efficiency R32 ecological gas.

New Design

A totally renewed range of air conditioners with R32 freon gas and with a more elegant design, modern and soft lines that adapt to any type of environment. The backlit front panel with LEDs (low consumption) displays the temperature and selected functions. The new Design has been used throughout the Daitsu Air R32 range.

Energy saving

In compliance with European Regulations, all Daitsu air conditioners have an A ++ / A + energy classification, thus guaranteeing maximum savings and maximum efficiency.

EWPE Smart

The Daitsu "EWPE Smart" application for smartphones and tablets controls the internal units of Daitsu air conditioners and allows you to access them from anywhere in the world you are.

  • Intelligent Swing Adjust the direction of the air based on the area you want to prioritize.
  • Sleep Mode Setup You can customize and control the temperature and sound level easily and intuitively while you are sleeping.
  • Automatic management The climate control intelligently analyzes the selected temperature and fan speed. Once the appropriate comfort level is reached, the frequency and power of the fan will be automatically adjusted.
  • Weekly timer Daitsu air conditioners are managed using the weekly timer control. They will turn on and off according to the settings entered.
  • Sound Level Control You can control the sound level of the air conditioner as you want.
  • Operating mode management The system allows you to establish standard operating modes for typical situations in our daily life.

Product Warranty

All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica raffreddamento: A++
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A+
  • gas: R-32
  • marca: Daitsu
  • metri quadri : 15-25 m2
  • modello: ASD9KI-DT
  • potenza btu: 9000
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 25
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