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Samsung Dual Split Inverter Air Conditioner WINDFREE PURE 7+12 series with AJ040NCJ R-32 Integrated Wi-Fi 7000+12000

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Technical features

Internal Units

1) Model:

  • Series: Windfree PURE
  • Power: 7000 btu
  • Cooling/Heating capacity: 2.0/2.2 kW
  • Max flow rate: 558 m3/h
  • Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 828x295x265 ; 9.4kg

2) Model:

  • Series: Windfree PURE
  • Power: 12000 btu
  • Cooling/Heating capacity: 3.5/4.0 kW
  • Max flow rate: 636 m3/h
  • Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 828x295x265 ; 9.4kg

External Unit


  • Catalog code: AJ040NCJ2EG/EU
  • Gases: R-32
  • Max combinable internal units: 2
  • Nominal Capacity (Cooling/Heating) kW: 4.0 / 4.4
  • Max External Unit Sound Pressure (dB(A)): 52/45
  • Sound power (Max) dB(A): 61
  • Cooling/Heating operating range (°C): -5°~46°/-15°~24°

Electrical data:

  • Power (V/Hz/Φ): 220~240/50/1


  • External Unit WxHxD (mm): 790x548x285; 32kg
  • Liquid/Gas connection pipes Ømm (inch) 2x6.35 (1/4”) - 2x9.52 (3/8”)
  • Pipe length (max per unit): 25 m
  • Piping length (min per unit): 3 m
  • Max internal-external unit height difference: 15 m
  • Max internal-internal unit height difference: 7.5 m

General characteristics

MULTIsplit Residential Line

Unique technologies that improve lives

Efficiency and Comfort for a perfect climate. Samsung's Multisplit range offers a variety of solutions for all types of environments and needs. Multisplit products maintain optimal performance, guaranteeing one of the best energy efficiency on the market.

Samsung's uniquely quiet and energy-efficient multi-split systems provide air purification perfectly optimized for smaller applications. Lightweight, compact designs and one-button automatic addressing facilitate cost-effective installation.

With its advanced compression technology, Samsung FJM offers balanced performance for high reliability. The FJM system is fully compliant with new EU regulations for even more efficient performance.

Samsung WindFree PURE

WindFree, the only ones with 21,000 microholes to spread only the pleasure of air

WindFree Pure is an exclusive product, thanks to the innovative WindFree system which, with its 21,000 microholes, transforms annoying jets of air into a pleasant enveloping coolness, silently and with the convenience of remote control via Wi-Fi.

It is also managed by a high- tech 8-pole Inverter , the core of the innovative Digital Inverter technology. Samsung air conditioners are the first in the world to use an 8-Pole motor instead of a 4-Pole in the compressor of an outdoor unit. This allows for the reduction of vibrations and noise; it also allows you to reach the desired temperature more quickly.

The devices in the WindFree range are in fact equipped with the Easy Filter Plus filter which captures dust, contaminants and allergens and which, being positioned outside on the top of the air conditioner, allows for simple, fast and frequent cleaning. To guarantee even cleaner air, the WindFree Pure air conditioner, top of the range in the residential category, is equipped with a PM 2.5 filter which filters 100% of the incoming air, reducing ultrafine particles by over 99% in less than 2h.

Furthermore, WindFree air conditioners can help to make the heat of the hottest days more bearable and allow adults and especially children to rest better at night. The Good Sleep mode together with the WindFree Cooling functionality creates the ideal climate for a deep sleep, without direct air jets.

Create and maintain freshness quickly, without drafts

The new WindFree air distribution system is the only one that transforms the powerful and direct air flow, often the cause of muscle aches and colds, into an enveloping coolness. WindFree technology works so well you won't even notice it's there. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system spreads fresh air uniformly without unpleasant gusts of wind.

Refreshes faster

Fresh air reaches every point of the room quickly, to give you maximum comfort everywhere. The 8-pole Digital Inverter technology increases the cooling speed by 43%*, while the triangular shape allows the cool air to be spread further away and with greater amplitude**.

Constant comfort without changing settings: 2-stage cooling

2 step cooling is the exclusive two- step cooling system that allows Samsung Windfree air conditioners to obtain surprising results in a very short time and to maintain ideal climatic conditions in absolute comfort.

Once the temperature has been selected, the air conditioner automatically sets the maximum power to reach the goal in 25% less time than traditional air conditioners.
Once the set temperature has been reached, the air conditioner autonomously reduces the emission of cold air, directing it upwards to avoid unpleasant chills for the people present in the room. The result? Maximum comfort, no cold spots and no changes to settings.

What is WindFree technology?

The WindFree system, thanks to 21,000 micro-holes located on the front surface of the air conditioner, allows for a more uniform and delicate diffusion of cool air throughout the room, without direct air jets.

Enjoy a pleasant night's sleep

The Good Sleep mode with WindFree cooling creates the ideal climate for a perfect night's sleep, without cold air flows. Thanks to this temperature control technology, falling asleep quickly and sleeping deeply will be really simple, and you will wake up at your best.

Everything under control always and everywhere

Your well-being can be programmed even when you are not at home, by connecting the air conditioner via the integrated Wi-Fi module you can easily manage the air conditioner from your Smartphone or tablet even when the heat suddenly breaks out and you are not at home. Thanks to Wi-Fi and the Smart Home app *, you can remotely manage the air conditioner functions and plan their switching on and off. Plus, you'll have real-time feedback on its operation with the ability to monitor and limit energy consumption.

Filters and Purification

PM 2.5 filter

Reduces fine particles by over 99%.

PM is the term used to classify particles found in the air, such as fine dust, soot, smoke and liquid particles. 2.5 identifies the diameter in nanometers of these particles. The PM 2.5 filtration system captures them through electrostatic attraction, guaranteeing 99% purification in less than 2 hours.

SPI Air Purifier

Reduces up to 99% of viruses

The innovative technology produces active hydrogen which, together with oxygen ions, neutralizes harmful particles that cause allergies and respiratory problems, ensuring always pure and healthy air.

Easy Filter Plus

Filters contaminants and allergens in the air

Easy Filter Plus filters contaminants and allergens from the air and is located on the outside, on top of the indoor unit. This makes it easier to remove, clean and replace

Main features of the internal unit

  • Air conditioner that works with R32 gas , a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant.

  • The WindFree system , thanks to 21,000 micro-holes located on the front surface of the air conditioner, allows for a more uniform and delicate diffusion of cool air without direct air jets.
  • The exclusive Smart Control technology allows you to manage, via an app that can be installed on a smartphone or PC, the main functions of the air conditioner even when you are away from home.
  • The noise level of just 16 db(A) is made possible by the use of advanced technologies and an internal unit designed to reduce any type of vibration or noise to a minimum.
  • Digital Inverter and 8-Pole Compressor The Digital Inverter compressor modulates the power based on actual needs, significantly reducing energy waste compared to traditional compressors. The new and exclusive 8-Pole Inverter ensures more effective and efficient operation with less vibrations and noise, cooling environments more quickly and also reducing consumption.


  • The Easy Filter Filters contaminants and allergens from the air and is located on the outside, on the top. So it's easier to take out, clean and put back without having to open any covers or pull hard to detach it.
  • Spi Air Purifier Reduces up to 99% of viruses The innovative technology produces active hydrogen which, together with oxygen ions, neutralizes harmful particles that cause allergies and respiratory problems, guaranteeing always pure and healthy air.

  • PM 2.5 filter filters 100% of incoming air, reducing ultrafine particles by over 99%.


  • The triangular design allows for a larger fan, a wider intake grille and a larger delivery surface. The environment is cooled more quickly and uniformly.
  • The elegant and bright digital display , visible only when the air conditioner is on, reveals the temperature of the room in which the internal unit is installed.


  • The air conditioner works at maximum power to quickly reach the desired temperature. Then direct the fins upwards to keep them as comfortable as possible.
  • Auto Change Over automatically selects the operating mode (cooling or heating) required to maintain the set temperature.
  • Just press the appropriate button and the special fins distribute the air flow evenly and quickly in the desired direction.
  • The Good Sleep function regulates the room temperature by reproducing the body temperature curve during the night hours, thus ensuring a more comfortable rest.
  • The dehumidification function allows you to eliminate humidity from rooms, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • The auto clean function , which starts automatically once the air conditioner is turned off, eliminates humidity in the internal unit, preventing the proliferation of mould, bacteria and bad smells.
  • 2 Step Cooling The air conditioner works at maximum power to quickly reach the desired temperature. Then direct the fins upwards to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Outdoor Unit Features

Protection of the fins and structure

The outdoor units are able to withstand even extremely high temperatures thanks to the large condenser and optimized refrigerant flow. It also has a special coating that prevents corrosion of the condenser and the structure.

Compressor protection

It is able to operate even in the harshest environments thanks to Triple Protector Plus technology which protects the compressor from any low voltage damage caused by overvoltage overload.

Control unit protection

It also includes a feature that protects the control system from high voltage discharges caused by fluctuating electrical current, thus avoiding the need to use a separate voltage stabilizer.

BLDC compressor (double rotation)

A key aspect that contributes to the FJM's efficiency is its BLDC (double rotation) compressor which is standard on all external models. Its double eccentric cams and dual balance weights result in low vibration levels, contributing to much quieter overall performance. Attention to the quality of moving parts such as robust bearings as well as premium coupling rollers and housings produce a high degree of stability and durability.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 55.0 kg
  • classe energetica raffreddamento: A++
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A+
  • gas: R-32
  • marca: Samsung
  • metri quadri : 20/35
  • modello: Pure 7+12
  • potenza btu: 7000+12000
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 20/35
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