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Above Ground Pool Bestway 56574 Hydrium ø (360x120h) Base canvas + Cover top + External ramp ladder + 10,990 liter filter pump

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The Bestway 56574 Hydrium round above ground pool is the perfect pool model to spend fantastic moments in the water and bring the fun directly to your garden!

The above ground pools belonging to the Bestway Hydrium line are designed for families and for all those who wish to embellish their green space with a pool that offers the maximum in terms of both beauty and resistance. The tightness of the pool is perfectly guaranteed by the structure made of thickened sheet steel, with an extra wide edge also in steel and enclosed by special lateral reinforcement bars which further guarantee the support of the pool on the ground. The perimeter frame is covered with a special anti-rust and corrosion treatment which contributes to the long life of the pool as well as maximizing resistance to external agents. The solid construction of the structure thus composed allows the swimming pool to remain installed outdoors all year round, so as to be immediately ready for the summer season and without having to carry out periodic maintenance or inconvenient dismantling every autumn. Another factor that significantly increases the resistance of the pool is the quality of the liner, a premium PVC coating with an increased thickness that makes the pool particularly resistant to the pressure of a very high volume of water, with the addition of a protective layer which makes the tub immune to UV rays and external exposure. But among the main advantages of owning the above ground pool of the Hydrium line there is also the practicality of installation which takes place in a few hours and which can be carried out, thanks to the carpet to be placed on the bottom of the pool, on any type of flat and without having to carry out any type of excavation or as many demanding jobs in the garden. Despite its small size which makes it suitable even for small spaces, the Bestway Hydrium 56574 above ground pool allows you to have fun and swim inside in maximum comfort, and thanks to its reinforced steel structure and simplified assembly, it certainly represents an excellent compromise between high quality and affordable price. Like most Bestway models, the 56574 Hydrium above ground pool is equipped with everything necessary for commissioning and maintaining the water and includes: the self-supporting structure; the sand filter pump; the safety ladder; the dedicated skimmer; the Chemconnect diffuser which constantly distributes chlorine in the pool, preventing the formation of bacteria in the water; the base sheet to protect the structure from abrasion due to contact with the ground and the cover sheet to protect and keep debris out when the pool is not in use.

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Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 360 x 120 cm (diameter, height)
  • Above ground pool Bestway round Hydrium line
  • Capacity of 10,990 liters of water
  • Premium quality PVC liner
  • Reinforced sheet steel walls with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment
  • Draining drain plug
  • Electric pump with sand filter (58515) 220-240v, filtration 3,028 litres/hour
  • Safety ladder (58331)
  • Chemconnect diffuser
  • Base mat (58002)
  • Cover (58292)
  • Integrated surface skimmer
  • Swimming pool usable all year round
  • Assembly in about 2-3 hours
  • For optimal use and life of the pool we recommend following the instructions in the manual

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 75.0 kg
  • litri: 10.990
  • marca: BESTWAY
  • modello: CP_37460_1
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