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Vaillant ecotec plus condensing boiler vmw 306/5-5+ complete with flue gas exhaust kit - erp lpg

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Product name

VAILLANT ecoTEC PLUS condensing BOILER VMW 306/5-5+

Technical features

  • For heating and domestic hot water production
  • Forced draft sealed chamber
  • Heating efficiency class A
  • Sanitary efficiency class A
  • XL sanitary load profile
  • Nominal thermal power in DHW 30.0 kW
  • Yield at 30% 109.0
  • Performance stars (Dir. 92/42EEC) ****
  • NOx class 5
  • IP X4 D protection rating
  • Expansion tank capacity 10 l
  • Domestic hot water production (ΔT = 30K) 14.3 l/min
  • Electrical supply V/Hz 230/50
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 720-338-440 mm; 37 kg
  • Fuel: Methane or LPG

General characteristics

Vaillant condensing boiler

With the 20/20/20 strategic plan, Europe aims to produce 20% less CO2, use 20% more renewable energy and consume 20% less primary energy. All this by 2020. To achieve these objectives, the EU has issued the ErP (energy related products) Directive which specifies the minimum eco-design requirements for equipment that uses energy, including energy efficiency.

The world of heating will also be affected by this revolutionary change. In fact, from 2015 the energy efficiency of boilers will be based on new performance indices which will take seasonal performance into account. Among the most significant changes of the new seasonal efficiency measurement methodology are the introduction of different nominal temperatures, operation even at partial loads and in standby mode. The new methodology will allow the performance of a boiler to be evaluated in real conditions, based on the efficiency level calculated over an entire year.



The most efficient and versatile combined condensing boiler there is. ecoTEC plus. Wall-mounted condensing boilers capable of always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and maximum comfort. This is German quality.


ecoTEC plus has always been the most popular Vaillant boiler. Today it guarantees even lower consumption, a further increase in efficiency and versatility and the certainty of immediate and uninterrupted healthcare comfort.


The best of Vaillant technology to satisfy every need


Every component and every function of ecoTEC plus has been designed to combine efficiency and reduced consumption for greater respect for the environment. ecoTEC plus self-adapts to your needs by always choosing the most economical solution, mixing the right quantity of gas and air; all this with an electrical consumption of less than 2 Watts (less than half of a functioning radio).

The combined version satisfies all comfort needs, guaranteeing both constant hot water without temperature changes and a comfortable climate. Sanitary comfort, in particular, is managed by the efficient Aqua Comfort pre-heating system which, thanks to 4 probes, controls, verifies and guarantees the immediate supply of hot water always at the same temperature. Lots of hot water, immediately, without fluctuations: this is the true comfort offered by ecoTEC plus. From today it can also be installed outside where the climate is mild even in winter. In fact, the boiler has a standard antifreeze device which allows it to resist up to -5°C.


To have heating and domestic hot water in a single solution


VMW ecoTEC plus wall-mounted condensing boilers combine the production of domestic hot water with the heating function. Unlike all other boilers, the Vaillant ELGA system is installed inside it which expands the modulation range, but above all electronically regulates and monitors combustion to always ensure the lowest gas consumption while guaranteeing maximum efficiency. The boiler adjusts automatically and continuously, as if it were assisted every 30 seconds.

In addition to a new, simpler and more intuitive design, the new electronics together with a very high efficiency pump make ecoTEC plus VMW+ the wall-mounted condensing boiler that consumes the least amount of energy on the European market.

the ecoTEC plus VMW+ boiler is compatible with all Vaillant components and accessories already on the market. The dimensions are reduced 70cm height, 44cm width and 35cm depth (identical to the previous version), the weight has been optimized making installation easier.


and with vSMART... and go to Class A+ (Optional).


All models in the ecoTEC plus VMW+ range have an efficiency etas = 94%. For this reason, if combined with class VI thermoregulation (such as vSMART), they reach a system efficiency of 98% and therefore the ErP energy class in heating A+.

Product Warranty

All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: LPG
  • marca: VAILLANT
  • metri quadri : 220
  • modello: CALD_396
  • potenza in kw: 30
  • potenza nominale: 30
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 220
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