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Rinnai Infinity Sensei N26E 26 lt outdoor condensing water heater REU-N2635WC-E-NG Methane - NEW

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Rinnai Infinity Sensei N26E outdoor condensing water heater REU-N2635WC-E-NG Methane - NEW

  • External Installation
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 670x470x276
  • Energy Class A
  • XL profile
  • Max hydraulic flow rate Δt 25°C (l/min) 26 l/min
  • Thermoregulation Digital Thermostat
  • Can be installed in cascade Yes


Rinnai presents Infinity Sensei, the masters of condensation, the brand new range of 26 and 32 litres/minute instantaneous condensing gas water heaters , for indoor or outdoor. Ultra performing on their own, perfect in cascade installations, where they express all their potential, satisfying even the most important hot water production needs in commercial premises, accommodation facilities, production plants and much more.


In condensation technology, the water vapor contained in the combustion products is also used to generate heat. For this reason, the Sensei series Infinity condensing water heaters reduce consumption by up to 30% and polluting emissions (NOx and CO₂) by up to 70%.


In professional applications only condensing sanitary production is compliant with the law. The Ministerial Decree "Minimum requirements" of 26/6/2015 regulates both heating and the production of domestic hot water, which, like heating, is also required to respect a minimum efficiency on the PCI equal to 90 + 2 log Pn . This value can only be achieved with condensation . Since the entry into force of the decree, in order to have polluting emissions and energy efficiency parameters that comply with the legislation, all economic entities that use hot water professionally must use gas producers only of the condensation type in all cases ( replacement, renovation and new construction).

Infinity Sensei condensing water heaters

  • they are perfectly compatible with renewable sources
  • they can manage up to 4 additional remote commands to control the temperature from different points of use
  • they feature an increasingly user-friendly electronic board, which allows you to set and monitor the operating parameters directly from the standard remote control. The Technician can activate the Service Soon parameter, a scheduled maintenance warning signal, functional to guarantee the periodicity of assistance interventions, which preserve the longevity of the systems.
Optimal combustion, even in the mountains

The Infinity SENSEI condensing appliances, like all the new Rinnai water heaters, are equipped with the high altitude function which the technician can set above 900m altitude where the air is rarefied.
Cascade and Modus installation

Infinity The indoor or outdoor Sensei can be connected to each other in turnkey certified systems that allow all the security of perfect sizing with respect to the system needs. Multiple devices can be managed optimally, as if they were a single, fully modulating machine. The Modus can connect up to 10 producers in series and can be further combined with each other. Sensei: even better. Cascade management becomes smarter, with a single connector that connects up to 24 devices and a new IP addressing system for Master-Slave management, functional to a uniform distribution of the workload among all the devices that make up the module .

Outdoor sensei

Infinity Sensei N26e liters/min condensing series is an instantaneous domestic hot water producer for external installation . Rinnai patented R-Evolution heat exchanger, new metal fiber burner, zero governor valve, complete condensation. Anti-corrosion and anti-freeze enamelled galvanized steel casing included as standard down to -20°C. Like all condensing models, N26e is compatible with Rinnai Modus systems for the easy installation of multiple appliances in medium and large professional systems. For domestic use, with the first ignition free of charge by an authorized technician, Rinnai offers a free 4-year warranty extension. Energy efficiency class A.

  • Unlimited hot water without temperature changes
  • Flow rate regulator: constant temperature as the flow rate varies
  • Temperature control to the degree
  • For domestic use, free initial testing with free warranty extension, by an authorized Rinnai technician Electronic ignition without pilot flame External installation: no fume exhaust required

Warranty All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 30.0 kg
  • classe efficienza energetica: A
  • gas: Methane
  • installazione: VERTICAL
  • litri: 26
  • marca: RINNAI
  • modello: REU-N2635WC-E-NG
  • tipologia : CONDENSATION
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