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Rinnai Gas Water Heater Model INFINITY 28i Code REU-VCM2837FFUD-LPG LPG Complete with Fume Exhaust Kit

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ATTENTION: The Product is completely intact, but does not have the original packaging as it is damaged.

Technical specifications

  • Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
  • DHW sanitary energy efficiency: Class A
  • Load profile declared: XL
  • Electricity consumption (kWh/annum) and fuel (GJ/annum) 8 - 18
  • Internal noise level (dB) 67
  • Heating/DHW operation characteristics:
  • Code: REU-VCM2837FFUD-LPG
  • 2 - Flow-forced sealed chamber water heaters
  • Electronic ignition without pilot flame
  • Can be combined with: solar panels/recirculation/accumulmax 1000 lt
  • Antifreeze fine series -20C
  • Installation: Internal - Villa - Apartment with multifunction/hydromassage shower and professional installations
  • Dimensions: 582x356x235 mm; 20kg
  • Methane heat output Min/Max (kW) 2.8/53
  • Water flow rate t 25C Max (l/min) 28
  • Max operating temperature (C) 85
  • Min activation pressure (bar) 0.1
  • Nominal operating pressure Min/Max (bar) 2.5/10
  • Electrical consumption normal / stand-by / antigel (W) 97 / 2 / 120
  • LPG version


The Infinity 17i 17 litres/min water heater is a domestic instantaneous water heater to be installed inside the home. It produces hot water only when there is a real request (only when the tap is opened). Unlike a kettle, it does not need to keep large quantities of water in stock at high temperatures. This allows for great savings in terms of energy costs and water consumption . There is no need to mix the water, it comes out immediately at the desired temperature.

NEW The installer can select the "high altitude" setting to guarantee maximum performance of the water heater even when installed high in the mountains, in rarefied air conditions

NEW When the water heater and the utilities are distant and heat losses are generated, the installer can correct the temperature to the degree of use (from +1°C to +3°C) by perfecting the temperature at the tap

NEW a progressive alert signals any limescale deposits. This allows cleaning to be carried out before the level is high enough to cause a malfunction.

Instantaneous gas-fired domestic hot water producer for internal installation. Equipped with a control panel on the dashboard for managing temperature, degree and self-diagnosis. Anti-corrosion enamelled galvanized steel casing.

Like all Rinnai water heaters, the new Infinity controls the temperature to the degree and optimize comfort in the name of energy saving

Temperature refinement to the degree at the point of use

When the water heater is far from the users and the pipes generate heat losses, it is possible to correct the temperature at the tap from +1°C to +3°C

Are you a home user?

Register your new water heater on in the appropriate section to extend the warranty of your water heater to 4 years for free*

The warranty extension (valid only on spare parts) can be requested on domestic water heaters. Consult the technical manual to find out the details of the initiative.


Rinnai responds to different hot water needs. A product available in different sizes 14 or 17 litres/minute. A studio flat, an apartment, one or more people living together. Always, an appliance that takes up very little space and offers infinite hot water, leaving room for what matters most


  • Unlimited hot water without temperature changes
  • Electronic ignition without pilot flame
  • Temperature control to the degree via the standard control
  • Flow rate regulator: constant temperature as the flow rate varies
  • Integrated automatic reset as standard
  • Progressive LC code that detects any limescale deposits
  • Free warranty extension on
  • Can be combined with solar panels
  • Can be combined with recirculation
  • Can be combined with a 500 liter max storage tank
  • 3 additional remote controls
  • High Altitude Function
  • Ultra-thin
  • Antifreeze as standard up to -15°C
  • Perfect temperature despite dispersions**
  • Eco friendly

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 23.0 kg
  • litri: 28
  • marca: RINNAI
  • modello: Infinity 28i Gpl AO
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