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Technical features

  • Product code: 3626086
Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
  • Energy efficiency: Class B
  • Pickup profile: M profile

Heating/DHW operation characteristics:

  • Capacity: 100 litres
  • Installation: vertical
  • Power: 1500W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Heating time (ΔT=45°C): 3.40
  • Max working pressure: 8 bar
  • Max. operating temperature °C 80
  • Net weight: 27kg
  • Protection: IPX4
  • Dimensions: 927x476x489 mm


Shape Eco is the new generation of water heaters characterized by quality and efficiency designed to meet the different needs of consumers. A perfect mix of technology and design, Shape Eco offers, integrated, the most modern technologies such as ECO, Nanomix+Best and ABS safety package, together with a new design with a prismatic shape.

The SHAPE ECO comes in 50, 80 and 100 liter versions.

  • Exclusive design
  • Precise and customizable temperature regulation
  • ECO/EVO function (patented)
  • Easy and immediate reset
  • Large polyurethane insulation
  • Safety valve tested at 8 bar
  • Titanium enamelled boiler tested at 16 bar
  • 5 bolt flange

ANTI-LEGIONELLA function To ensure maximum safety and hygiene, the new Ariston products with ABS package are equipped with the anti-legionella function which, in the event that this does not occur for 30 consecutive days, ensures that the accumulated water is heated up to 65° C.

ANTI-FREEZE function If the water heater is connected to the electricity line, the resistance activates when the temperature of the stored water drops below 5°C. With this system, possible breakages due to expansion caused by the freezing of the water inside it are avoided.

SELF-DIAGNOSTICS function In the event of a fault, the water heater displays the type of problem that has occurred on the front panel, allowing for quicker repairs.

ANTY-DRY function, a protection system designed to ensure that the water heater does not turn on in the event of a lack of water in the boiler, thus avoiding internal overheating and the consequent breakage of the internal components.

ACTIVE ELECTRICAL SAFETY function At the end of each water heating cycle the water heater performs a double disconnection from the electricity line, thus guaranteeing complete safety.

ECO function is software that maximizes savings by self-learning the user's consumption: it optimizes hot water production and minimizes waste

Ecodesign Directive

  • After very long negotiations , the Ecodesign regulation was approved which introduces a new energy labeling on the minimum efficiency standards for boilers. In particular, an energy classification from A+ to G is envisaged for space heating appliances and from A to G for domestic hot water production appliances. Hence the obligation to install only condensing boilers, heat generators capable of recovering a large part of the latent heat contained in the fumes which, otherwise, would be lost in the chimney as happens in traditional boilers. The recovered heat is transferred to the heating system, allowing an efficiency of 106% to be achieved compared to 92% of the traditional boiler and 84/85% of an old traditional generator. The installation obligation concerns boiler manufacturers who will no longer be able to place non-condensing boilers on the market starting from 26 September 2015 . This means that from this date, anyone who wants to install a boiler in their home will only have to install condensing models. Only a particular type of non-condensing boiler will continue to be produced which is technically called "open chamber" to be installed when it is not possible to replace an old boiler with a condensing boiler due to problems related to the collective flue of some multi-family buildings .

  • Water and space heating products represent approximately 30% of internal energy consumption in Europe.
  • Designing eco-friendly products and promoting high-performance technologies to end users in 2020 will determine:
  • There are different labels, based on the type and functions of the product (water heating or space heating only or both, and in this case the label must show both classifications).
  • In addition to the energy class, the label provides other information that could be useful for understanding which product has the lowest environmental impact (for example power and consumption in different climate zones, noise, etc.).
  • You can increase the energy efficiency of hot water production and space heating by connecting multiple products and accessories in one system. In this case it is necessary to prepare a system label in addition to that relating to the individual product.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 30.0 kg
  • installazione: VERTICAL
  • litri: 100
  • marca: Ariston
  • modello: SCALD_SHAPE100
  • tipologia : ELECTRIC
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