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Technical features

  • Dimensions: 578x915x586 mm
  • Net weight: 155 / mod. PT 170 kg
  • Fire mouth dimensions: 315x285 mm
  • Firebox dimensions: 377x395x415 mm
  • Fume exhaust diameter: 130 mm Upper
  • Fireplace: Cast iron
  • m3 heated: 252 m3
  • Nominal heat output useful: 8.8 kW
  • Regulated primary air : Yes
  • Regulated secondary air : Yes
  • Yield: 80%
  • Hourly consumption: 2.5 kg/h
  • Forced ventilation: optional

General characteristics


The particular attention aimed at protecting the environment and total respect for the ecosystem were the inputs that pushed NORDICA-EXTRAFLAME to make large investments in product research and development, thus allowing it to have very high yields and low consumption, using only wood , a fuel that is produced by nature and which returns to it through a perpetual circular flow.

Our country has large wooded areas, and is therefore able to offer a varied quantity of wood. By using this resource, significant advantages can be gained:

Environmental plan:
In nature, it is proven that when wood carries out the complete decomposition cycle, it releases a quantity of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere which is then used for the regrowth and development of new plants.

Economic plan:
2.3Kg of dry wood has a calorific value equal to 1lt of diesel or 1m3 of natural gas. Given the equal benefit, only the cost varies, which for the purchase of wood will be 50-60% lower than other fuels.


  • Cast iron hearth with post combustion system
  • External cladding in majolica or natural stone
  • Doors and headboard in enamelled cast iron
  • Ceramic glass resistant up to 750°

Wood stove technologies:


the combustion system developed by La Nordica-Extraflame allows, thanks to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post combustion capable of drastically reducing emissions and therefore complying with the most restrictive European regulations


the doors of La Nordica-Extraflame products are made of high quality cast iron. This material, even if subjected to strong thermal stress, does not undergo expansion or alterations to its shape.


it is a system which, through a specific pre-heated air path, effectively avoids the formation of deposits on the glass of the fire door.

Product Warranty

All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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  • marca: The Nordic
  • modello: CP_37285
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