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La Nordica Extraflame pellet thermo stove Model DUCHESSA IDRO STEEL 12 kW Bordeaux color

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Technical features
  • Dimensions: 538x1034x543 mm
  • Net weight: 170 kg
  • Fume exhaust diameter: 80 mm
  • m3 heated: 344 m3
  • Power delivered to the liquid: 3.0-10.8 kW
  • Ambient power output: 0.6-1.2kW
  • Nominal heat output useful: 3.6-12.0 kW
  • Global thermal power: 3.9-14 kW
  • Efficiency: > 91%
  • Hourly consumption: 0.8-2.8 kg/h Total tank capacity: ~ 20 kg
  • Forced ventilation: No
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Internal thermostat: No Safety thermostat: Yes
  • Preset external thermostat: Yes
  • Electrical absorption: 110-130 W
  • Draft: ~1 mm H2O
  • Pump and expansion vessel: Yes
  • Ext. air intake pipe : 50 mm
  • Weekly chronothermostat: Yes
  • 3 bar safety valve: Yes
*NB First lighting not compulsory for a fee, stoves already lit in the company!

General characteristics


The La Nordica-Extraflame wood and pellet thermoproducts make use of technologically cutting-edge design solutions that allow you to heat your home with total respect for the environment with excellent caloric yield and low wood consumption.

Thermoproducts are particular devices designed for connection to the home's heating system (for example radiators or underfloor heating systems); they can be easily integrated into an existing boiler or a solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water. . The choice of the appliance to be installed must be made following specific individual needs, therefore evaluating the overall thermal power required and the method with which the thermo stove will be connected to the system.

We don't need the normal wooden logs that we are all used to seeing, but tiny pre-compressed products ( pellets ), these are ecological fuels with very high caloric efficiency, obtained from the pressing of residues and fragments of the best wood, without the addition of glues; just think that the real efficiency of the same is close to 90%.

The control panel allows automatic ignition and setting of the heating power, establishing the desired temperature thanks to the built-in room thermostat.


Painted steel cladding
Removable ash drawer
Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system
Safety thermostat
Provision for external thermostat (TA)
Weekly chronothermostat
Remote control
Circulation pump
Expansion vessel
3 bar safety valve

Pellet stove technologies:

increases combustion efficiency and the life of parts subject to wear and, at the same time, reduces routine cleaning of the brazier

chronothermostat with temperature control divided into four daily bands, for optimal management of the rooms

system that allows you to interact with Extraflame devices via GPRS system or graphic display, even when you are away from home

the doors of the products made of high quality cast iron are unalterable over time and guarantee a constant seal

allows you to lock the display keypad to avoid improper or accidental use of the device (key lock)

the appliance turns back on automatically following an electrical blackout, after having carried out the required check cycle

primary and secondary air electronically balanced for optimal combustion and thermal efficiency

It is a system which, through a specific pre-heated air path, effectively avoids the formation of deposits on the glass of the fire door

regulates the quantity of pellets to be introduced into the combustion chamber

the product interfaces with the home's temperature control devices (thermostats and contacts) to obtain the desired temperature in the rooms.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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  • peso: 240.0 kg
  • marca: The Nordic
  • modello: Duchessa Idro Steel 12 kW Bordeux
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