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Immergas Victrix Zeus 25 kW Low NOx Condensing Boiler with 45 lt boiler complete with Fume Exhaust Kit cod. 3.028381 Wi-Fi Optional Split Flue Kit, Methane/LPG

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Immergas Victrix Zeus 25 kW Low NOx Condensing Boiler with 45 lt boiler complete with Fume Exhaust Kit cod. 3.028381

Technical features

  • Boiler code 3.028381
  • Maximum nominal heat input in DHW kW (kcal/h) 25.8 (22,211)
  • Maximum nominal heat input in heating kW (kcal/h) 20.5 (17,663)
  • Minimum nominal heat input kW (kcal/h) 3.6 (3,135)
  • Maximum useful heat output in DHW kW (kcal/h) 25.0 (21,500)
  • Maximum useful thermal power in heating kW (kcal/h) 20.0 (17,200)
  • Minimum useful heat output kW (kcal/h) 3.5 (3,010)
  • Useful thermal efficiency at 100% Pn (80/60 °C) % 97.5
  • Useful thermal efficiency at 30% of the nominal load. (80/60 °C) % 100.2
  • Specific flow rate in continuous domestic water service (∆t 30 °C) l/min 11.9
  • Specific flow rate ∆t 30 °C (in the first 10 min.) of domestic water l/min 14.6
  • Nominal heating expansion tank capacity (total) liters 8.0 (5.8)
  • IPX 5D electrical protection rating
  • NOx class

Victrix Zeus 25

VICTRIX ZEUS 25 is the total condensing and premixing boiler with stainless steel boiler, compact dimensions and new design, completely renewed . With 25 kW of power it is designed for new installations, but the identical hydraulic connections compared to previous models and the standard connection group help installers with replacements. Furthermore, the condensing module with large-section stainless steel coil reduces the risk of clogging and the low-consumption circulator allows for significant savings in electricity. Thanks to the electronic card that modulates the boiler power up to 17%, high efficiency is achieved with a consequent reduction in gas consumption.

VICTRIX ZEUS 25, which can also be installed outdoors in protected places such as under the balcony, can be powered with any type of fuel (methane/LPG or propane air), which is why it is supplied with a single product code. In addition to allowing the exhaust of fumes on the wall in the cases provided for by Legislative Decree 102 of 4 July 2014, the VICTRIX ZEUS 25 falls within the most ecological class of the European classification (class 6) for low emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon oxides. nitrogen (NOx). To facilitate use by users, the interface with LCD display and knobs offers quick and easy adjustments and settings.

VICTRIX ZEUS 25 can be remote controlled from the new DOMINUS app. The app is simple and intuitive, and allows you to control the boiler or view its operation with a tablet, smartphone and laptop. Using the optional Wi-Fi transmitter kit (code 3.026273), to be placed on a wireless modem/router (not supplied by Immergas), it is possible to communicate with the boiler electronic board from anywhere.


The stainless steel guarantees that the kettle remains unalterable to the action of water and the large flange optimizes cleaning and maintenance operations. Inside the boiler there is a stainless steel coil wrapped in a double concentric spiral which ensures rapid heat exchange.


The capacity of the stainless steel kettle, combined with the excellent temperature regulation, have allowed the *** marking to be obtained in accordance with EN 13203-1, i.e. maximum sanitary performance, guaranteeing high comfort even with simultaneous water withdrawals domestic hot water.


Thanks to the new insulation that equips the stainless steel boiler and the standard protection down to -5 °C, the boiler can be installed outside in a partially protected place. With an appropriate optional kit it is possible to extend it down to -15 °C (in the presence of electricity and gas). The electrical insulation degree is IPX5D.


The primary exchanger that equips VICTRIX ZEUS 25 is made with a single-tube exchange coil in stainless steel. The absence of collectors and circuits in parallel guarantees maximum reliability over time: there are no solderings. The single stainless steel spiral without bottlenecks allows for a perfectly balanced hydraulic circuit, significantly reducing pressure losses. The internal section, large and constant, allows you to limit deposits, reducing the risk of clogging in the event of impurities present in the water (for example in the case of replacing boilers on dated systems). Due to this peculiarity, VICTRIX ZEUS 25 is ideal for replacement .

Warranty The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane/LPG
  • marca: IMMERSION
  • metri quadri : 150
  • modello: 3.028381
  • potenza in kw: 25
  • potenza nominale: 25
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 150
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