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Ferroli DIVAPROJECT C30 Methane Open Chamber Boiler

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Also works on LPG with the use of a special conversion kit to be requested from the Authorized Assistance Centre. Free transformation during product verification and warranty activation only if the specific code running on LPG is not available

In case of unavailability, the new DIVATECH D LN C 30 model will be supplied

Technical features

  • Model: Divaproject C30
  • Fuel: Methane


  • Heating energy efficiency class: C
  • DHW energy efficiency class: A
  • Nominal heating power: 11.5 ~ 33.0 kW
  • Heat input: 9.7 ~ 30.0 kW
  • Useful domestic heat power: 30.0 kW
  • Efficiency: 91%
  • Maximum domestic hot water production Δt 25°C: 17.2 l/min
  • Maximum domestic hot water production Δt 30°C: 14.3 l/min
Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 700x400x330 mm
  • Empty weight: 30.0 kg

Ferroli Boiler Divaproject Wall-mounted boilers with instantaneous domestic hot water production with double exchanger, open chamber, natural draft

The Ferroli Divaproject c24 is the most economical solution for replacing open chamber boilers. Built to be installed outdoors in partially protected places and designed for integration with a solar panel system. It has an excellent quality-price ratio and is entirely Made in Italy with a 2-year guarantee .

  • The cheapest in its category
  • Predisposition for solar systems
  • Eco-comfort system for rapid production of domestic water
  • High efficiency low consumption circulator (class A)
  • Ideal for residential homes up to 120 m2
  • 2 Year Warranty

Divaproject is a heat generator for heating and the production of instant domestic hot water. The series has been designed in every component to have performances at the top of its category while maintaining characteristics of simplicity and compactness.

The control electronics allow for easy and functional combination with solar collector systems. The series includes two models: C24 and C30

The boiler is designed to operate on methane and LPG or even on propane air through a specific transformation. Divaproject's efficiency is the maximum for its category, certified 3 stars according to Directive 92/42 EEC for energy classification


  • Expansion vessel
  • Combustion chamber
  • Primary copper exchanger
  • Atmospheric burner
  • Sanitary exchanger
  • Modulating gas valve
  • Motorized 3-way valve

Boiler control Control panel and functions

Divaproject's control and management electronics allow the user to customize the operation of the appliance in order to manage environmental comfort according to their needs. The control panel with adjustment knobs makes programming operations for the production of hot water extremely easy and intuitive, both for domestic hot water and for heating.

Remote control Chronocomando "ROMEO"

Divaproject boilers can be combined with a wide range of remote time controls that allow the adjustment and operation of the appliance remotely. The ROMEO series is made up of 4 models, respectively with weekly or daily comfort programming and with the possibility of choosing for both between wired or wireless connection

With ROMEO you can:

  1. Adjust the heating and domestic hot water temperatures
  2. Know the operating status of the boiler
  3. View temperatures inside and outside your home
  4. Restart the boiler in case of temporary blockage
  5. Program daily or weekly environmental comfort
  6. Activate/deactivate the heating function via the telephone

ROMEO's modulating function allows the boiler power to be modulated as the set room temperature value is reached. This improves the quality of comfort by eliminating heat peaks with consequent energy savings.

With solar systems Sun Easy function

Divaproject boilers have been designed to be easily inserted into systems built with the latest technologies. The SUN EASY system, standard on the boiler, uses electronics that simplifies the combination with both natural and forced circulation solar panels. Using a sensor placed on the domestic hot water circuit, it continuously controls the temperature of the water coming from the solar panels, providing for the burner to be turned on only if the latter drops below the level necessary to guarantee optimal comfort for the user

Comfort and Safety Functions

Eco-Comfort function

In COMFORT operation, thanks to the particular temperature maintenance system of the heat exchanger, the supply of domestic hot water becomes even quicker and more comfortable. In ECO operation, domestic hot water production occurs according to traditional standards.

Antifreeze function

Even in stand-by mode, i.e. in the absence of heat demand, if a water temperature of 5°C is detected, it activates the antifreeze protection by turning on the burner at minimum power, in order to avoid damage due to freezing.

Post-circulation device

All models are equipped with this particular timed device which allows, after switching off the burner in heating mode, to recover all the heat accumulated by thermal inertia from the exchanger, transferring it to the heating elements and therefore to the rooms to be heated

Circulation anti-blocking device

After 24 hours of inactivity, the boiler circulator is automatically started for approximately 5 seconds to prevent it from blocking after a long period of inactivity.


> Compact geometry primary heat exchanger entirely made of copper

> Instant production of domestic hot water with dedicated plate exchanger

> Simple and complete control panel, LED user interface

> High efficiency, low consumption circulator (ErP - Class A) with anti-blocking system

> Combustion chamber in anti-corrosion aluminised sheet metal, internally insulated with ecological fiber and AISI 304 stainless steel burner

> Can be combined with the modulating remote timer control

> Casing painted white for anaphoresis with epoxy powders

> Compact dimensions and low weight

> Modulating heat flow in both heating and sanitary production, managed by a microprocessor electronic card

> Adjustable post-circulation after the heating phase

> ECO/COMFORT system for rapid production of domestic hot water

> Predisposition for solar systems : predisposed for the production of domestic hot water combined with solar panel systems

> By-pass as standard

Product Warranty : The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: C
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: Ferroli
  • metri quadri : 200
  • modello: divaproject30_mtn
  • potenza in kw: 30
  • potenza nominale: 30
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 200
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