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Unical KON M C35 Low NOx Methane Condensing Boiler Complete with Fume Exhaust Kit

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KONm the latest generation of Unical domestic condensing boilers, available in version:

instant combo
heating only, combinable with DSP 110 stainless steel boiler.

  • KONm presents all the “Quality Stars” to satisfy every type of need:
  • Exceptional modulation ratio up to 1:8 Efficiency >107% (ex dir. CE 92/42)
  • Ultra-flat Al/Si/Mg primary exchanger
  • Electronics with HWS “Hot Water Speed” function (vers. C)
  • Low NOx (class 5 according to EN 297 and EN 483) thanks to the modulating premix burner
  • Hot water production up to 13.3 l/min Δt 25 with special 12 plate (mod. 24 C) and 16 plate (mod. 28/35 C) stainless steel exchanger “Pit stop” maintenance
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Prepared for future applications in systems and suitable to meet the requirements set out in the new installation standards
  • High efficiency modulating circulator
  • Managing 2 zones with 2 KON m thermostats is versatile. Ideal for all systems, thanks to the electronics that allow you to manage 2 heating zones at different temperatures (high for radiators and fan-coils, low for radiant panel systems) controlling them with both modulating and dedicated on-off thermostats
  • Anti-overheating post-circulation of 15 seconds, maintains the thermal balance between the flow and return, even after intense DHW withdrawals, while in heating, with a duration of 5 minutes, it allows to dispose of all the residual thermal inertia.
  • Sliding temperature operation for maximum operating economy
  • Antifreeze protection intervenes at 5°C and is activated in both domestic hot water and heating, bringing the temperature in the boiler to 15°C. This avoids the risk that KON m could freeze if low temperatures persist in the room where it is installed. If there is a lack of gas, a lockout signal will appear on the display.
  • Pump anti-blocking, blocking of the pump following long stops is avoided thanks to an automatic 5-second impulse that the electronics launches to the engine every 24 hours of stopping.
  • Chimney sweep function, easier than ever regulation of combustion. A press of the release button for more than 5 seconds to obtain operation at minimum or maximum power for 15 minutes, for an accurate analysis of combustion.

The details of konm...

  • Strengthened by the company's construction synergies, KONm summarizes some aspects of the high-end series such as the primary exchanger in Al/Si/Mg with low water content by "Scuola Unical", the original rapid inspection mechanism of the vital parts of the combustion together with the widely tested but updated complex of electronics and electro-pneumatic controlled premixing system already in use on other ranges. A sober response with high technological “ErP Ready” content, ideal for the consumer who is approaching high energy recovery technologies and for the installer who requires simple but non-trivial solutions in replacement systems or in new buildings with low environmental impact . KONm is signed by Unical.
  • Exclusive exchanger in Al/Si/Mg It is made of a special Aluminium/Silicon/Magnesium alloy which ensures efficiency and resistance, so much so that it is guaranteed by Unical for 5 years. Thanks to the internal heat exchange configuration, efficiencies of over 107% can be achieved in the condensation regime, which means great economic savings and very low environmental impact for the user. The 28-35 versions are adequately increased
  • Modulating circulator with deaerator It represents the state of the art in the high efficiency standard. In line with the 2015 ErP directive, with less than 1 W of consumption in stand-by and only 45 W in maximum operation, thanks to the wide modulation capacity, based on the request of the room thermostat and the temperatures detected by the sensors placed in flow/return, automatically doses the boiler power to the needs of the system. Particularly silent and compact, it integrates with the safety valve, the by-pass and the drain tap.

“Quick release” condensate drain collector

  • Fan and electro-pneumatic gas valve The premixing complex composed of a modulating pneumatic gas solenoid valve and fan stands out for its limited size. Advantages:
  • compactness and silence
  • wide 1:8 modulation range
  • absolute operational safety due to the absence of turbulences
  • low thermal and mechanical stress, therefore long life, thanks to its inalterability.
  • The valve is designed to compensate for gas pressure fluctuations present in the networks as well as stabilize the supply pressure independently of the suction pressure generated by the premix fan. The 28/35 version is equipped with a silenced air intake to improve acoustic performance and also with an increased air intake manifold. Easily adjustable, it ensures an accurate air/gas combustion mixture to guarantee high CO2 levels and promote condensation with very low levels of CO and NOx. In summary, the monobloc lends itself to easy maintenance and accessibility.

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Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • classe energetica produzione acs: A
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A
  • gas: Methane
  • marca: Unical
  • metri quadri : 250
  • modello: KON M C35
  • potenza in kw: 35
  • potenza nominale: 35
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 250
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