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Unical Dual Split Inverter Air Conditioner AIR CRISTAL 10+13 series with XMX2 18HE R-32 Wi-Fi Optional 10000+13000

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Technical features

Indoor units:

1) Model

  • Indoor unit catalog code: 1x KMUN 10HI
  • Power: 9000 btu/h
  • Cooling capacity: 2.64 kW
  • Heating capacity: 2.93 kW
  • Treated air: 521 m 3 /h
  • Sound pressure level: 20~37 dB(A)
  • Liquid pipe diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4")
  • Gas pipe diameter: 9.52 mm (3/8")
  • Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD): 722x290x187 mm
  • Internal unit weight: 7.4 kg
  • Wi-Fi Optional

2) Model

  • Indoor unit catalog code: 1x KMUN 13HI
  • Power: 12000 btu/h
  • Cooling capacity: 3.52 kW
  • Heating capacity: 3.81 kW
  • Treated air: 540 m 3 /h
  • Sound pressure level: 21~38 dB(A)
  • Liquid pipe diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4")
  • Gas pipe diameter: 9.52 mm (3/8")
  • Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD): 802x297x189 mm
  • Indoor unit weight: 8.2 kg
  • Wi-Fi Optional

External unit


  • Outdoor unit catalog code: XMX2 18HE
  • Number of connectable internal units: Up to 2 internal units

Energy efficiency

  • SEER : 6.1
  • SCOP : 4.0
  • Cooling energy efficiency class: A++
  • Heating energy efficiency class: A+
  • Annual energy consumption in cooling: 304 kWh/a
  • Annual heating energy consumption: 1503 kWh/a


  • Cooling capacity: 5.28 kW
  • Heating capacity: 5.57 kW
  • Cooling absorption: 1.63 kW
  • Heating absorption: 1.50 kW
  • Sound pressure level: 54 dB(A)


  • Power (V/Hz/Φ): 220~240/50/1
  • Refrigerant gas: R-32
  • Guaranteed temperature range:
  • - Cooling: -15° ~ 50° C
  • - Heating: -15° ~ 24° C
Installation Data
  • Liquid tube diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4") x2
  • Gas pipe diameter: 9.52 mm (3/8") x2
  • Maximum length of pipes with additional charge: 40 m
  • Maximum internal unit / external unit height difference: 15 m

Dimensions and weight

  • External unit dimensions (WxHxD): 805x554x330 mm
  • External unit weight: 35.0 kg

Unical XMX-HE external units Multi-combination “Inverter” air conditioning system with high performance and comfort in all types of environments

The MULTI system allows you to reduce the overall dimensions of outdoor installation without having to give up the optimal comfort of the internal rooms to be air-conditioned. A wide range of external units can manage from 2 to 5 internal units of different types and power. If the sum of the power of the internal units exceeds that of the external unit, the system will automatically divide the total power between the various internal units.

There are therefore many possible combinations with the MULTI range.

The external units are available in 5 models with different powers, which can be combined with the internal units: wall-mounted, floor/wall-mounted, cassette or ducted.
This allows for great system flexibility to satisfy every residential and commercial need

DC Inverter technology , the continuous progressive modulation allows the rotary compressor to adapt the power absorbed according to the number of internal units on request and according to the set temperature, obtaining an electricity saving of 20% compared to traditional systems

Heat pump even with low external temperatures

Constant temperature in the room, thanks to the modulation of the compressor power

Thermo-assisted modulating expansion valves : they regulate the pressure of the refrigerant to always have the maximum yield from the refrigeration circuit depending on the working conditions of the entire system

Multi Unical Combinations

Example: System composed of 1 external unit and 4 internal units



Design and technology: a winning combination in the range of Unical airCRISTAL air conditioners, which use the new ecological gas R32.


Technological charm

The exclusive design of the internal unit given by the harmonious and rounded lines of the front body is enriched with an elegant transparent PMMA profile and an essential and discreet retractable "soft display". In this way airCRISTAL can be installed in harmony with any environment and furnishings, from the classic to the most modern.

The automatic oscillation of the horizontal and vertical deflectors creates the "3D effect " which guarantees better air distribution and optimal comfort in the room.

With " Full Inverter " technology, thanks to the controlled modulation of the compressor and fans, the following are obtained:

  • Better seasonal performance and reduction in electricity costs
  • Constant desired temperature in the room
  • Reduction of defrost cycles, which causes greater consumption

Create comfort at a distance

Interacting with airCRISTAL even remotely: from today it is possible with your smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection and a simple optional key connected to the USB port of the climate control board.

With a simple and intuitive App, it is possible to set the operating modes of airCRISTAL, program switching on and off also via a daily and/or weekly timer, check operating consumption and the good operating status of the air conditioner. In this way airCRISTAL will always ensure maximum comfort in the environment in which it is installed, making it ready to provide a caress of well-being.

“Follow me” function

This is an exclusive mode that gives the remote control the function of a thermostat : this guarantees the actual achievement of the desired room temperature precisely and quickly and 360° comfort in both heating mode (winter) and cooling mode (summer).


Series Features:

  • Elegant PMMA profile
  • “Soft” display
  • Remote management via wifi (optional)
  • DC “Inverter” system with continuous progressive modulation for greater seasonal energy savings and better comfort in the environment
  • “Follow me” comfort function
  • 6-speed fan with automatic selection
  • Highly silent Twisted Torsion fan
  • 3D effect: motorized movement of the deflectors for better air distribution
  • “1 W (Watt)” function to eliminate energy waste in stand-by
  • Electronic preventative protection system for various parts which is activated at every start-up
  • Easy-to-use infrared remote control with liquid crystal display
  • “Check” function to facilitate maintenance operations
  • Emergency power button
  • Autorestart
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Anti-mold “self cleaning” function, with automatic drying of the internal battery

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 55.0 kg
  • classe energetica raffreddamento: A++
  • classe energetica riscaldamento: A+
  • gas: R-32
  • marca: Unical
  • metri quadri : 25/35
  • modello: AIR CRISTAL 10+13 18
  • potenza btu: 9000+12000
  • superficie riscaldabile mq: 25/35
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