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Aermec floor-standing fan coil unit with heating only FCX102A of 15.24 kW with switch and control included

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ATTENTION ! The support feet must be purchased separately.

Aermec floor fan coil unit with heating only FCX102A 15.24 kW with switch and control included

Technical features

  • Model: FCX102A
  • Installation: Floor mounted
  • Control and switch included
  • Thermal power at 70°C: 15.24 kW
  • Water flow rate: 1337 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 35 kPa
  • Thermal power at 50°C: 9 kW
  • Water flow rate: 1183 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 27 kPa
  • Thermal power at 45°C: 7.58 kW
  • Water flow rate: 1316 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 34 kPa
  • Air flow rate: 700 ~ 920 m 3 /h
  • Sound power level: 56 ~ 66 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level: 48 ~ 58 dB(A)
Electrical Data
  • Power supply (V,Hz, Ø): 230V~50Hz
  • Power consumption: 80 ~ 131 W
  • Current absorbed: 0.58 kW
Installation Data
  • Standard battery connection diameter: (3/4")
  • Additional battery connection diameter: (1/2")
Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions without feet (HxWxD): 688x1320x220 mm
  • Weight: 34.0 kg

Aermec FCX-A Efficient, silent and reliable fan coils
Aermec fan coils : a combination where the company and the brand identify the products and vice versa. In this air conditioning sector Aermec is synonymous with leader: a leading company in Italy and at the top in Europe. A position that arises from many years of experience and which has been consolidated year after year.
Wide range
The range is made up of 16 sizes for various versions, which allow extreme installation versatility. The complete line of accessories satisfies any customization need.
All units have been designed taking advantage of Aermec's many years of experience, purchased through daily contact with operators in the sector. Aermec fan coils are in fact designed to make their insertion into the impact and their installation as easy as possible. Furthermore, their reliability is constant, guaranteed by Aermec's many years of experience.
Efficient heating

Unlike other types of heating elements, the low operating inertia means that fan coils react immediately to changes in air temperature. This produces constant room temperature as conditions change and significant energy savings, because it avoids releasing heat into the room when it is not needed. At the same time, continuous control of the feed water temperature prevents annoying cold drafts during the winter period

Maximum silence

FCX respects the finest hearing because it works with class-leading silence: no clicks or ticking of mechanical parts.

Attention to health and air quality

One of a kind, the Aermec convector, in version A, is now available with the Plasmacluster device, an exclusive system that eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, mites, pollen and dust. The Plasmacluster purifier restores the correct balance between positive and negative ions in closed environments, refreshes the air and guarantees an ideal condition for a healthy life. Asthma, dermatitis and other respiratory problems are often caused by pollution, dust mites, pollen and pet hair. Plasmacluter guarantees perfect sanitation of the air in closed environments, thus constituting a valid aid against the spread of allergens. FCX maintenance is reduced to just periodic cleaning of the air filter, which can be carried out by easily extracting the filter and washing it in running water.

Speed ​​and savings

The FCX fan coil quickly brings the perfect temperature and healthier, cleaner air with the right level of humidity, both in summer and winter. Constant control of the room temperature is ensured by the room probe positioned on the covering cabinet. This allows you to adjust the temperature room by room, achieving high energy savings.


Full compliance with accident prevention regulations: the CE mark, the absence of sharp edges, no moving parts that can be reached accidentally, the double insulation electrical connections, the impossibility for the external parts to reach dangerous temperatures, make the operation of the fan coils Aermec absolutely safe in any type of environment, both residential and industrial.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 35.0 kg
  • marca: Aermec
  • modello: FCXA102A
  • potenza in kw: 15
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