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PANASONIC DUAL SPLIT INVERTER AIR CONDITIONER ETHEREA WHITE 7000+7000 BTU: Dual split composed of Etherea internal units with white finish 2 x CS-E7QKEW with external machine CU-2E15SBE.

Technical specifications



Catalog code: 2 x CS-E7QKEW

Power: 7000 btu/h


Cooling Capacity (kW): 2.0

Heating capacity (kW): 3.2

Sound pressure level Cooling (Hi / L/ S-Lo) dB(A): 40 / 26 / 23

Cooling sound power level (Hi) dB: 54

Liq-Gas pipe diameters (mm): 6.35/9.52

Dimensions H x W x D: 295 x 870 x 255 mm; 9kg



Catalog code: CU-2E15SBE

Max combinable indoor units: 2 (From 3.2 to 5.6 kW)

Gas: R410A

Energy efficiency:

SEER Seasonal Efficiency (W/W): 6.5; SCOP (W/W) : 4.0

Energy Efficiency Class (Cooled): A++

Energy Efficiency Class (Heating): A+

CEA cooling consumption (kWh): 242

CEA heating consumption (kWh): 1400


Cooling Capacity (kW): 4.5

Heating capacity (kW): 5.4

Cooling Power Absorption (W): 1230

Heating power consumption (W): 1170

Sound pressure levelû Cooling / Heating (Hi) dB(A) 47 / 49

Sound power level Cooling / Heating (Hi) dB 62 / 64

Electrical data:

Power (V/Hz/?): 220~240/50/1

Operation fields:

- Cooling: -10 / +46 øC

- Heating: -15 / +24 øC

Dimensions and Weight

External Unit HxWxD (mm):619 x 824 +70 x 299; 39kg

Main features

Free Multi Systems

Panasonic offers the possibility of air conditioning multiple rooms thanks to the multisplit systems of the residential Inverter + (Etherea) and Inverter Standard (Multi RE) lines, designed according to new eco-sustainability requirements.

Thanks to Free Multi it will be possible to control 2, 3, 4 or 5 rooms with a single external unit. With these air conditioning systems, you will not only be able to avoid wasting outdoor space, but also take advantage of the better energy efficiency compared to the use of multiple monosplit systems, saving up to 30% of electricity.

Compatible with Internet control INTERNET CONTROL (optional)

High efficiency inverter control system, for even greater savings

A high SEER coefficient (seasonal cooling efficiency) 7.00 A++

A high SCOP coefficient (seasonal heating efficiency) 4.00 A+

Up to -15øC in heating: The air conditioner can operate in heat pump mode even with an external temperature of -15øC.

Up to -10øC in cooling: The air conditioner can operate in cooling mode even with an external temperature of -10øC.

R22 Renewal: The Panasonic Renewal system allows you to reuse existing R22 gas pipes (in good condition) when installing a new system with R410A gas.

The compressor has a 5 year warranty.

List of features

New Etherea units

Nanoe-G air purification system, effective on 99% of mold, viruses and adhesive airborne bacteria

Mild Dry Cooling function, which prevents the rapid lowering of ambient humidity, which ensures greater comfort and prevents skin dehydration

Reduction in consumption with Econavi equal to 45% in heating and 38% in cooling

Super silent operation! 23dB

Connectivity function (the main board of the internal unit is equipped with a connection port to a possible external network)

Remote control via internet INTERNET CONTROL (optional)

R22 Renewal: New! This unit can be installed using existing R22 gas pipes

Autocomfort function: monitors the conditions of the environment and the presence of people, and activates the energy saving mode. However, priority is assigned to general comfort, so that when a high level of activity of the people present is detected, the cooling power is increased.

The Econavi system uses the new Sunlight Detection technology and the Human Activity sensor, which detect respectively the solar radiation in the environment and the activity level and position of the people present. Based on this data, the system automatically reduces the power of the air flow in the absence of a decrease in solar radiation and automatically adjusts the power and orientation of the outgoing air flow, to ensure maximum comfort and maximum savings: with the In fact, with the Econavi system you can save up to 38% on electricity costs without any compromise in terms of comfort.

Just press a button to save energy efficiently, optimizing cooling, comfort and convenience.1 New Cyclic regulation. 2 Presence detection. 3 Motion detection. 4 Absence detection. 5 Irradiation detection.

Nanoe-G with filter sanitization function: the most advanced purification system for the home

Panasonic has developed a purification system capable of not only capturing the impurities present in the air, but also neutralizing those deposited on the surfaces captured by the filter. Thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, the environment is purified of all impurities present. Furthermore, starting from this year the purification function has been extended to the filter: the bacteria and viruses it has captured are in fact neutralised, so as to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene of the domestic environment. The Nanoe-G system has been extensively tested and was also found to be effective against allergens present in the air. For this reason, the Nanoe-G system has obtained the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Product Design Award

Panasonic air conditioning systems have received a prestigious award.

Panasonic is pleased to announce that the Etherea air conditioning system has won the 2013 iF Product Design Award.

The iF Product Design Award is one of the most important and coveted awards that attest to design excellence. The strict evaluation criteria are numerous and range from the general appearance of the product to its functionality, without neglecting its environmental impact. The prizes are awarded only to those products that stand out for their innovative design.

Obtaining this recognition, justified by the intelligent functionality of the Etherea systems, confirms them as the ideal solution for any environment

New R2 Rotary compressor

Based on the experience acquired over twenty-eight years dedicated to the design and production of compressors, the R2 is the latest generation rotary compressor for residential installations. The technologies adopted, the materials used and the rationality of the design make it extremely reliable, efficient and silent, as well as suitable for any home in all countries of the world. As with other Panasonic rotary compressors, the new R2 model has been tested for years in the most severe climatic conditions, where it has proven to be the ideal solution for both owners and installers.

Internet Control (optional)

Control your heat pump, wherever you are. Control comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption

The Internet Control functionality is a new generation system that offers easy remote control of the heat pump air conditioning system from anywhere, using a simple Android iOS smartphone, a tablet or a PC connected to the Internet.

The Internet control system offers the typical functions of a remote control and allows you to turn the air conditioning on and off, choose the operating mode and adjust the temperature, achieving exceptional comfort and efficiency of the air conditioning system with the lowest energy consumption.

Simple installation

Simply connect the control device via the Internet to the heat pump air conditioning system with the supplied cable and then connect it to your WIFI access point.

The control functionality via the Internet is identified by the slogan "Your home in the cloud" and represents an extremely simple and intuitive solution for anyone, even for those without any experience in the communication and IT sectors. No servers, adapters or complex connection wiring are necessary: ​​all that is needed is a small interface unit, to be installed near the internal unit, as well as, of course, a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. When you are at home, your home WiFi network is the core of the system: launch the App from your smartphone, tablet PC, and experience a new dimension of comfort. If, however, you are away from home in any corner of the world, launch the App and manage your air conditioning system on the cloud: the application with a simple and intuitive interface, viewable on the screen of your mobile device, laptop, will allow you to manage every function with the same simplicity with which you would use the remote control. The App for control via the Internet can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and the Android PlayStore.

R22 Renewal

An important initiative aimed at further reducing damage to Ozon Strat

It is often said that laws regulate our lives too restrictively, but we must not forget that in many cases their objective is to protect and protect us. The abandonment of R22 gas constitutes a clear example: starting from 1 January 2010, the production, sale and use of non-regenerated R22 gas is prohibited throughout the European Community.

All Panasonic NKE, PKE and QKE units can be installed using the R22 gas pipes already installed

Additional accessories (reducers) are not necessary

Save approximately 30% of operating costs compared to units using R22


All products for sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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