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JUNKERS BOSCH Gas Water Heater Model THERM 4600 S 18 Liters Methane Complete With Flue Kit

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ATTENTION In the absence of the THERM 4600 product, the next THERM 5600 model will be shipped!

Technical features

Product data for energy consumption - according to requirements of EU regulations no. 811/2013 and 812/2013 completing Directive 2010/30/EU

Methane code: T4600 S 18-D 23
Water heating energy efficiency class A
Declared load profile XL
Forced draft sealed chamber
Nominal heat output (Pn) [kW] 31.6
Nominal heat input (Qn) [kW] 34
Power regulation/modulation range (Pn,min. - Pn,max.) [kW] 4.8-31.6
Max water flow rate with ΔT 25 °C [l/min] 18
Max water flow rate with ΔT 35 °C [l/min] 19
Efficiency at 100% of rated power (on PCI) [%] 92
Electrical supply [V(AC)] 230
Maximum absorbed power [W] 100
Electrical Protection Degree [IP] IPX4D
Weight (without packaging) [kg] 12
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 568 x 364 x 175

Junkers Bosch water heaters

With Junkers Bosch gas and heat pump water heaters you can ensure the best technology for the production of domestic hot water, always available and perfectly calibrated to the user's needs: high quality, maximum efficiency and safety, ease of installation and control , savings on bills. What more could you ask for?

Whatever your choice, choose quality. The wide range of Junkers Bosch gas and heat pump water heaters is able to meet the needs of your customers, to whom you can offer the most suitable solution for their home. Junkers Bosch gas water heaters are available in numerous models, to meet the most diverse needs: from the smallest ones, also suitable for insertion in kitchen cabinets, to those specifically designed for external installation or for large buildings.

Today it is possible to satisfy domestic hot water needs also through renewable energy sources: this not only allows economic savings, but also makes a contribution to protecting the environment. Junkers Bosch heat pump water heaters are able to provide all the hot water needed in an efficient, convenient and sustainable way, obtaining energy from the external environment and using it to heat the water. Whatever your customers' requests, with Junkers Bosch you are sure to guarantee the best response.

Environmentally friendly efficiency Even by choosing a gas water heater you can take advantage of renewable energy sources: all gas water heater models can be fully integrated, thanks to the Solar Kit accessory, into new or existing solar thermal systems, to exploit the inexhaustible energy of the sun for the production of domestic hot water.

General characteristics

THERM 4600 S

Therm 4600 S is the extremely compact instantaneous gas water heater and thanks to its high efficiency it guarantees reduced consumption


▶ It features an easy and intuitive backlit LCD display
▶ It can be connected directly to solar thermal systems for the production of domestic hot water
▶ Guarantees reduced gas consumption thanks to electronic temperature control
▶ Thanks to the OptiFlow patent, it automatically recognizes the lengths of the fume intake and exhaust system


▶ Electronic flame ionization ignition
▶ High efficiency and wide modulation range (1:7)
▶ Works even in case of very low water pressures
▶ Extremely compact dimensions ▶ Internal installations

The ErP regulation and the new energy labels

The future of heating systems

Starting from 26 September 2015, in order to be placed on the market, heating and hot water systems must comply with the ErP (Energy Related Products) regulations issued by the European Union. The ErP standards promote the eco-friendly design of products that consume energy from fossil fuels and have the aim of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as providing consumers with transparent and homogeneous information on the energy efficiency of appliances, encouraging their comparison. Regulations N 811/2013 and 812/2013 provide for specific energy labeling of appliances for heating and the production of domestic hot water. Regulations N 813/2013 and 814/2013 prescribe, among other things, the minimum energy efficiency and polluting emission requirements that manufacturers of heating and domestic hot water production equipment must comply with. These regulations therefore raise energy efficiency standards, improving the performance of systems and excluding less performing technologies from the market.

The energy label will be supplied by the manufacturer with the appliance and will represent a concrete help for the consumer, allowing him to learn more about the characteristics of the system, become more aware of the energy savings allowed and make the best choice of what to buy. The energy label will provide information on the energy class of the product, on a scale between A++ and G, and on other additional notations, such as power and noise emissions.

The ErP regulation provides two types of labelling:

the first is supplied by the manufacturer together with the product for heating and/or domestic hot water production appliances
the second for systems composed of multiple elements.

In this second case the label indicates the energy efficiency levels achievable thanks to all the components used, allowing the increase in the score attributed to each appliance and increasing the energy class of the system: it is therefore the task of those who create/install the system to provide the correct explanatory label to the consumer.

The ErP standards represent an opportunity to develop a market for high-efficiency technologies, such as condensation, heat pumps, solar thermal, cogeneration and the integration of different energy sources into a single system. These technologies will have an impact on home consumption, approximately 80% of which is due to heating and the production of hot water, and are already incentivized at a fiscal level today.

Junkers Bosch is already in line with the dictates of the ErP regulation, demonstrating the orientation towards the future that has always characterized the brand.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 15.0 kg
  • gas: Methane
  • litri: 18
  • marca: Junkers Bosch
  • modello: SCALD_141550
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