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Haier M5 Heat Pump Water Heater 80 liters HP80M5

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Haier M5 Heat Pump Water Heater 80 liters HP80M5

  • HP80M5 monobloc M5 model
  • Commercial code 25001026Y
Energy label specifications according to the European ErP directive
  • Wall-mounted / Ducted installation
  • Tank volume L 80
  • Power supply V-Hz 220~240V/50Hz
  • Tank pressure Bar 8
  • Extra coil / Exchange surface No
  • Anti-corrosion Magnesium anode
  • IP protection class IPX4

System data

  • Auxiliary electric resistance power W 1200
  • Average power absorbed (heat pump only) W 240
  • Maximum power absorbed (heat pump only) W 350
  • Maximum power absorbed (with electrical resistance) W 1550
  • Default water temperature °C 55
  • Water temperature range with resistance °C 35÷75
  • Water temperature range for heat pump only °C 35÷65
  • Refrigerant / quantity kg R134a / 0.45
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) 1430
  • Sound power dB(A) 50
  • Operating temperature (heat pump only) min~max °C -7÷45
  • Operating temperature (system) min~max °C -7÷45


  • Extraction type Ambient / External
  • COP@7°C (EN16147) 2.71
  • COP@14°C (EN16147) 3.17
  • Heating time (@7°C) 4h58
  • Heating time (@14°C) 4h09
  • Tapping cycle (EN16147) M
  • Power consumption in standby / Pes (@7°C) W 20
  • Maximum volume of usable hot water (EN16147) L 102.5
  • Energy efficiency class (ERP) A+

Dimensions and connections

  • Water outlet "G1/2"M
  • Water inlet / Condensate drain " G1/2"M
  • Safety valve "G1/2"M
  • Ducting hole diameter for air intake/delivery mm Ø 160
  • Water heater dimensions (WxDxH) mm 492x537x1170
  • Gross weight 59 kg

M5 Haier Monobloc


The Haier heat pump water heater line was created with families' energy savings in mind.

Unlike a traditional water heater, heat pump water heaters provide hot water thanks to the heat present in the air, thus saving on your electricity bill. The electrical energy used by the system is only that necessary for the operation of the compressor and the fan.

The electrical resistors are inserted only if really necessary or if requested by the user (BOOST mode)

Heat pump water heater: how does it work?

To understand how the heat pump works, simply think about how a refrigerator works: it transfers the heat inside it to the surrounding environment. The Haier water heater reverses the cycle, removing heat from the air and transferring it to the water.
It is possible to channel the incoming and outgoing air outside to exploit the heat present outside

Haier heat pump water heater features

The Haier heat pump water heater is designed to offer the best possible experience and maximum savings thanks to:

  • backward blade fan, reduces noise and energy consumption
  • coil at the bottom of the tank, ensures more hot water
  • anti-legionella function, automatically heats the water to 65°C, every seven days, to destroy any bacteria that may form in the tank
  • load shedding control, allows you to stop the operation of the unit in periods programmed by the user

The Haier heat pump water heater tank

The Haier heat pump water heater tank is built with quality materials and components, which ensure excellent thermal insulation and protect the tank from electrochemical corrosion favored by water, ensuring its correct functioning over the years. The tank is also subjected to impulse tests, to ensure a wide operating pressure range.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 51.0 kg
  • installazione: VERTICAL
  • litri: 80
  • marca: Haier
  • modello: HP80M5
  • tipologia : POMPA DI CALORE
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