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Water Heater Electric Water Heater ISEA MINI SWING FAST 30/2 Liters Oversink 2 year warranty cod. GRL429A3

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Water Heater Electric Water Heater ISEA MINI SWING FAST 30/2 Liters Oversink 2 year warranty cod. GRL429A3


  • Capacity: 30 litres
  • Power (W): 1500
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Heating time (Δt=45°C): 1/07 h/min
  • Operating pressure (MPa): 0.8
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 389X440X455 mm
  • Weight: 12.0 kg

Mini Swing Fast

The small water heaters above and below the sink are the ideal solution for quickly obtaining hot water in any situation, both independently and in synergy with the centralized system. With Mini Swing you can add a hot water withdrawal point in areas of your home not served by the central system (e.g. garage, cellar, warehouse, etc.); or you can use it as the main system, where large reserves of hot water are not needed, such as in a beach house or office.

In these cases we are talking about independent use of the appliance, but the Mini Swings can also be mounted in line with the main system, thus allowing the average temperature of the water contained in it to be kept lower and only that strictly necessary, at the point closest to use, avoiding heat losses along the way and thus obtaining significant energy savings. Quick and easy to install, in independent version or in line with the centralized system.

Independent installation

The small Mini Swing water heaters are ideal for obtaining hot water in environments not served by a centralized system. All you need is a cold water supply and a power socket to be able to install the appliance extremely easily. This application is particularly suitable for small apartments, service rooms, workplaces, campers, etc.

The Mini Swings are available in capacities of 10, 15 and 30 liters and therefore, in independent application, allow a maximum of 2 simultaneous withdrawals (30 litres). The Mini Swing can also be used with a free discharge mixing unit.

Online installation

The Mini Swings can also be installed in line with a medium or large sized centralized system. In this case they allow the water to be brought to the maximum temperature (e.g. 60°C) only at the withdrawal point, maintaining most of the hot water reserve at an average temperature (e.g. 40°C).

With this system the maximum quality of service is obtained with significant energy savings. The possible quantity of simultaneous withdrawals is strictly related to the number of devices installed and the size of the central water heater.

Product Warranty All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 7.0 kg
  • classe efficienza energetica: C
  • installazione: oversink
  • litri: 30
  • marca: ISEA
  • modello: GRL429A3
  • tipologia : ELECTRIC
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