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Technical features

    • Global power (max-min): 13.84 - 5.04 kW
    • Rated power (max-min): 10.53 - 3.81 kW
    • Power delivered to the water (max-min): 10.53 - 3.81 kW
    • Power delivered to the environment (max-min): 3.31 - 1.22 kW
    • Hourly pellet consumption (max-min): 3.017 - 1.67 kg-h
    • Efficiency (max-min): 96.29 - 93.54 %
    • Fume exhaust duct: 80 ø mm
    • Pellet tank capacity: 26.2 - 17 litres-kg
    • Autonomy (max-min): 16 - 5.5 h
    • Operating electrical power: 110 - 320 W
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 470x535x1000 mm
    • Weight: 145kg
    • With remote control
    • General characteristics



The wood or pellet thermoproducts make use of technologically cutting-edge design solutions that allow the thermal power of the fire to be exploited both to heat the environment and to produce hot water which powers the traditional radiator system of the whole house. This double use makes the thermoproducts unique in their kind and allows for optimal thermal output and considerable savings.

Thermoproducts are particular devices designed for connection to the home's heating system (for example radiators or underfloor heating systems); they can be easily integrated into an existing boiler or a solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water. . The choice of the appliance to be installed must be made following specific individual needs, therefore evaluating the overall thermal power required and the method with which the thermo stove will be connected to the system.

Why Wood or Pellets?

The need to use alternative energy sources arises spontaneously. Using wood is nothing other than the rediscovery of the primordial source of heating, focusing on Renewable Energy. In fact, wood and pellets are among the renewable sources and the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted for energy production does not increase that present in the environment, but is the same that the plants first absorbed to develop and which would return into the atmosphere through normal wood decomposition processes at the end of their life cycle.
The use of wood and pellets therefore puts carbon dioxide C02 into the atmosphere, making it available again to plants which will absorb it through the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. Thermal energy produced from wood or pellets is an intelligent eco-sustainable and at the same time economical alternative when compared to fossil fuels since the purchase price is 50/60% lower.

Absolute convenience using wood or pellets.

Those who heat with wood become independent from traditional energy sources and the supply of wood is always guaranteed.
Heating with wood means heating following the natural cycle of CO2 (carbon dioxide). During combustion, the wood is released into the atmosphere
a quantity of CO2 equal to that which a tree would develop after felling, during the decomposition phase; the same amount that a fully healthy shrub could absorb anyway. For this reason, the use of the energy obtainable from wood is to be considered neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions and does not contribute in the slightest to the increase in the greenhouse effect; on the contrary, for every liter of fuel replaced by wood, significant quantities of CO2 emissions are avoided. The use of wood and pellet stoves reduces costs while increasing caloric efficiency.

Characteristics of pellet stoves:


the brazier is easily removable for daily cleaning

new electronics capable of predicting weekly on and off schedules

Newly designed multifunctional remote control with LCD screen

shell and tube heat exchanger to increase thermal performance. The dimensions of the tubes are reduced to avoid turbulence and noise

There is secondary convection in the combustion chamber to improve pellet combustion

removable steel walls to facilitate cleaning of the pellet combustion residue

emission of air near the glass to prevent it from getting dirty

The tank is equipped with a protective grid to prevent contact with the pellet loading mechanisms

drawer placed under the brazier to collect the ash produced by combustion

stove complete with temperature probes to monitor correct operation in safety

silence of the stove even at maximum working power

safety device that signals any obstructions in the fume exhaust

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