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LG Outdoor Unit MultiSplit Motor MU4R25.U40 Split Panels (4 connections) R-32

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LG Outdoor Unit MultiSplit Motor MU4R25.U40 Trial Split (4 connections) R-32


  • Catalog code: MU4R25.U40
  • Gases: R-32
  • Power (V/Hz/Φ): 1,220~240-50
  • Max combinable internal units: 4

Energy efficiency:

  • SEER: 8.20
  • SCOP: 4.20
  • Energy Efficiency Class (Cooled): A++
  • Energy Efficiency Class (Heating): A+


  • Cooling Capacity (kW): 4.82
  • Heating Capacity (kW): 4.01

Operational limits:

  • Cool Min~Max °C -10~48
  • Heating Min~Max °C -18~18

Dimensions and weight:

  • External Unit WxHxD (mm): 950 x 834 x 330; 60.7kg
  • Height difference: UI-UE (Max) 15 m; IU-IU (Max) m 7.5
  • Connection pipe diameter:
  • - Liquid: Ø6.35 (1/4) x 4
  • - Gas: Ø9.56 (3/8) x 4
  • Single branch length (Max): 25 m
  • Total length of pipes: 70

General characteristics

With LG Multi Split systems, you don't need to purchase multiple outdoor units to air condition all the rooms in your home. All you need to do is install a single unit to have the optimal climate in 9 different environments .

BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) Compressor

The outdoor units of the Multi range are equipped with BLDC compressors equipped with motors with neodymium magnets. These compressors are characterized by higher energy efficiency than traditional inverter compressors, and operate optimally in all rotation conditions. This guarantees high seasonal energy efficiency values.

Smart Load Control
Energy saving during startup

By choosing the Smart Load Control function via the outdoor unit's micro-switches, the refrigerant temperatures on the heat exchangers are automatically changed based on the outdoor temperature and the set room temperature. During the first 30 minutes of operation, it is possible to achieve energy savings of up to 35% compared to traditional products, also improving the perceived level of comfort. This function allows you to keep the maximum electrical consumption of the outdoor unit within a pre-established limit, to avoid automatic disconnection of the meter or to limit absorption.

Energy saving during operation

After 30 minutes from start-up in Smart Load Control mode, the outdoor unit continues to change the temperature of the refrigerated unit depending on the thermal load.
Wide Louver heat exchanger

The heat exchanger with Wide Louver fins is applied to the external units. The particular processing of these fins allows the exchange capacity of the radiator to be significantly improved compared to a traditional exchanger
Wide operating range
The outdoor units in the Multi Pipe range can operate in cooling and heating modes in the most extreme conditions. The presence of the condensation control for the cooling mode as standard equipment makes them compatible with all applications where it is necessary to refresh the air even at low external temperatures (e.g. restaurants, gyms, server rooms).
Pressure controlled operation
The new units in the Multi multiple pipe range operate with a control based on the pressures of the refrigerant in the circuit: this type of control ensures better management of the peripherals contained in the units compared to traditional temperature controls. This control mechanism is more precise and refined, without being negatively affected by external temperature variations. The new technology applied to these products allows the desired results to be obtained in shorter times, to better manage the operation of the compressor at partial load conditions, and to achieve significant reductions in the electrical current absorbed.

Stand-by mode
This function allows you to remove the electrical power supply to the system components during the stand-by phase of the system. In this way, the stand-by electricity consumption of Multi multi-pipe outdoor units is 90% lower than previous versions.

Noise reduction mode

Thanks to a series of settings applicable to the units via the electronic board, it is possible to reduce the noise of the external units at night, to the benefit of the comfort and liveability of residential complexes. The adoption of a new fan protection grille and the use of fans with details specifically designed for aerodynamic optimization have allowed a reduction in the noise level of the external units in the order of approximately 2 dB(A) at nominal conditions of detection.

Lightweight and
compact units

The LG external units of the Multi range have been designed and manufactured with a rational design and reduced dimensions and weight
lower when compared to that of previous units. This makes them easy to handle and install.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 40.0 kg
  • marca: LG
  • modello: MU4R25.U40
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