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Aermec FCZ-P 1000 Built-in Fan Coil Fan Coil for Vertical/Horizontal Installation with Control Included

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Technical features

  • Model: FCZ-P 1000
  • Installation: Vertical / horizontal
  • TX wall control with thermostat included

Performance in heating 70°C

  • Thermal power: 12.56 ~ 15.24 ~ 17.02 kW
  • Water flow rate: 1101 ~ 1337 ~ 1493 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 22.0 ~ 31.5 ~ 38.5 kPa

Performance in heating 45°C

  • Thermal power: 2.64 ~ 7.58 ~ 8.46 kW
  • Water flow rate: 1084 ~ 1316 ~ 1469 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 22.0 ~ 31.0 ~ 37.5 kPa

Cooling performance

  • Cooling capacity: 5.69 ~ 6.88 ~ 7.62 kW
  • Sensible cooling capacity: 4.42 ~ 5.34 ~ 5.53 kW
  • Latent cooling capacity: 1.27 ~ 1.54 ~ 2.09 kW
  • Water flow rate: 979 ~ 1183 ~ 1311 l/h
  • Pressure drops: 22.0 ~ 31.0 ~ 35.5 kPa


  • Number of centrifugal fans: 3
  • Air flow rate: 900 ~ 1120 ~ 1300 m 3 /h
  • Sound power: 56 ~ 61 ~ 66 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure: 45 ~ 53 ~ 58 dB(A)
  • Battery connection diameter: 3/4"

Electrical data

  • Power (V,Hz, Ø): 220~240/50/1
  • Power consumption: 80 ~ 100 ~ 131
  • Electrical connections: V1 ~ V2 ~ V3

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1122x216x558 mm
  • Weight: 32.0 kg

FCZ-P fan coil Italian excellence in a fan coil

Aermec is the most popular fan coil manufacturer in Europe, with over 4 million units already installed in all continents of the world.

The FCZ series was born from a highly advanced design process; each unit is made within a high-tech robotic production plant. The result represents the state of the art of the fan coil: maximum efficiency performance and absolute flexibility of system application.

Quality in harmony Exclusive design: the high quality catches the eye, always perfectly in harmony with the environment that welcomes it.

The quietest in Eurovent Patented inverter technology: sound level up to just 23 dB(A) at Eurovent conditions.

The best comfort 0-100% inverter modulation with minimal temperature fluctuations. The Dualjet system further increases perceived comfort.

Minimum electrical effort Minimum consumption up to just 4W Eurovent certified. Low temperature heating ensures comfort and efficiency.

Extreme synthesis and ease of use Control and regulation are designed to ensure ease of interface even via smartphone.

Respect for the Environment FCZ can be 100% integrated with various renewable sources; furthermore, the absence of refrigerant fluids in indoor environments makes FCZ an eco-friendly system.

Maximum air quality Maximum filtration and ionization with the Plasmacluster device; FCZ improves indoor air quality and preserves the well-being of users.

FCZ Winning in the details

Air delivery grille

With fixed or motorized blades, the air delivery grille is optimized for the most efficient and silent air flow. Closing the fins with the fan coil off protects the exchanger from dust infiltration.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is sized to ensure exchange efficiency and limited fluid pressure losses; the oversized exchanger is available (if you want greater power and/or silence) and also the additional exchanger (for 4-pipe systems).

Independent pressure valves

FCZ offers numerous valve configurations according to different needs. Independent pressure valves ensure constant water flow in all conditions. This simplifies the start-up process (the hydronic system balances itself automatically). Also available is the two-outlet valve which allows operation in 4 pipes without the need for an additional battery.

Indoor Air Quality

We spend 80% of our time indoors. The quality of indoor air is therefore important for health and well-being. The standard air filter is in class G2: this ensures clean air and absolute comfort. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned: an LED on the T-Touch control alerts the user when the filter needs cleaning. The patented Plasmacluster ionizer offered as an option neutralizes bacteria, dust mites, viruses, mold and pollen, ensuring healthy air.

Product Warranty: All products on sale on our site are new and packaged. The warranty on this item is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Scheda Tecnica

  • peso: 50.0 kg
  • marca: Aermec
  • modello: FCZ-P 1000_1
  • potenza in kw: 10
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