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  • Model: ESTRO F12A
  • Fan coils for exposed wall installation with cover cabinet and inclined air outlet.
  • Dimensions: 1614 x 556 x 253 mm

Product pluses:

  • 3/6 speed motor
  • Incorporable ionizer
  • Integrable with ERGO
  • Eurovent certification
  • Steel / ABS cabinet
  • Can be installed in a niche
  • Reversible hydraulic connections
  • ABS centrifugal fans
(E) = Performance certified by EUROVENT, an independent body recognized at European level, which ensures total reliability and transparency of performance and sound level

Galletti Estro

ESTRO is the widest range of Fan Coils on the market. In carrying out the project for the ESTRO fan coils, high quality materials were chosen which, together with the great care and attention paid to the assembly of the main construction components, qualify ESTRO in the field of performance reliability and acoustic comfort. The covering cabinet is composed of a sheet steel panel, lateral sides and ABS delivery grille. Inclined air outlet for installation in a wall niche. High efficiency heat exchange coil, made of copper tube and aluminum fins.

  • Double inlet centrifugal fans, made of antistatic ABS with wing profile blades and staggered modules.
  • 3 or 6 speed electric motor, mounted on anti-vibration supports.
  • Regenerable air filter easily removable for maintenance operations.
  • Control panels, available as accessories.

Estrus FA

Visible wall installation with covering cabinet. The inclined air outlet on the front makes the ESTRO FA version particularly suitable for insertion in niches with a depth of up to 150 mm. ESTRO FA is available in 19 models.

  • Centrifugal fan
  • Supervision ergo
  • Vertical installation
  • 4 pipe system
  • 2 pipe system

Technical characteristics of the main components:

  • Mobile Of coverage composed of a very thick steel sheet panel (10/10 mm); lateral sides and delivery grille (adjustable 180°) are made of ABS . The side doors allow access to the technical compartments.
  • Inclined air outlet for installation in a wall niche.
  • Very thick galvanized steel sheet structure (up to 15/10 mm), insulated with class 1 self-extinguishing heat-insulating panels. The FU – FB – FC – FF and FBC versions are equipped with a double tray to collect condensation.
  • High efficiency heat exchange coil , made of copper tube and aluminum fins locked to the tubes by mechanical expansion, is equipped with brass manifolds and vent valve. The battery, normally mounted with connections on the left, can be rotated 180°.
  • Motor electric three or six speeds mounted on anti-vibration supports, with permanently inserted capacitor and thermal protection of the windings.
  • Fans centrifugal double intake, statically and dynamically balanced and coupled directly to the electric motor, made of antistatic ABS with aerofoil blades and staggered modules
  • Filter air regenerable in honeycomb polypropylene, mounted on a galvanized sheet metal frame with protective mesh, easily removable for maintenance operations. The filter is secured to the cover cabinet using 1/4 turn screws (excluding model 12).
  • Panels control , available as an accessory, for controlling and regulating the temperature using a microprocessor system, which automatically adapts the operation of the fan coil to changes in environmental conditions.

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  • marca: Galletti
  • modello: F12A
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